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Canon Digital IXUS 230 Hs- An Improved IXUS Model
The Canon Digital IXUS 230 HS was made due to the reason of the increasi...
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Canon digital ixus1


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Canon digital ixus1

  1. 1. Canon Digital IXUS 230 Hs- An Improved IXUS Model The Canon Digital IXUS 230 HS was made due to the reason of the increasing demand of the people when it comes to the necessity of having a digital camera. It is because people nowadays are more adventurous enough, and that makes the reason why they need a digital camera. So they can record their daily journey in their life. That is the primary reason why Canon released this IXUS 230 HS. This digital camera was first introduced last August 2011. Along with that, they packed the camera with an 8x optical zoom lens and a 12.1 megapixel CCD sensor. This camera is available in six different colours such as purple, green, pink, silver, blue, and black with a suggested retail price of $259.99. The Canon Digital IXUS 230 HS is crammed with different and great features. One of those features is the 8x optical zoom lens measures for about 35mm and it is equivalent of 28-224mm which makes it really to capture wide objects or landscapes that are far away from you. This digital camera also has in Intelligent Image Stabilization along with the HS System which assists every user to take sharp images without having the flash or even the tripod. This camera also has a Smart Auto which identifies the scene and automatically puts the camera from 32 variables and 21 when it is in movie. For shooting quick moving objects or making things slow down, there are a lot of modes you can choose on. High speed bursts enables the capture of 3 megapixel images at 8.7 fps and the super slow motion movie that can slow down things down to a 1/8th of the speed. Another feature of Canon Digital IXUS 230 HS is the DIGIC IV Processor. This feature has also another feature which is the iSAPS or what we called the Intelligent Scene Analysis based on Photographic Space. This features analyses the scene to the best set up of the exposure as well as focusing, a little advance of the picture being taken. This idea of this technology is to give a more responsive experience for the photographer. When it comes to the control layout of the Canon Digital IXUS 230 HS, it is a little different form the older IXUS digital cameras. It is because its menu buttons placed away on the side and the shooting mode selection switch. Because of that placement, this camera can be slightly difficult to use. However, since this is designed basically for point shoot photographers, this does not mean that it will hinder the overall ease of use. The rest of the controls of this digital camera are well set out since it has a buttons that is big enough to be relaxing pressed by even the least effort of the users. The zoom control is still reactive while not moving the zoom too quick for easy work and it is located on a bezel around the shutter button. The Canon Digital IXUS 230 HS is indeed for all the photographers. Author Bio: Hi, my name is Naomi a technology reviewer. When I started writing Panasonic Lumix FS30 review, there is no negative thing that has shown on the features of the gadget. Especially on the Canon Powershot A495 review, these gadgets have some awesome performance and quality. Canon Powershot A495 review is the most powerful device that Canon has released.