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AMSUS Dental Nov 2011

  1. 1. AMSUS Dental(6 Nov 2011) Lt Gen Green (30-Minute)Meeting: AMSUS Dental Outbreak, 6 November 2011, 1300Theme: “Transformational Pathways to Global Healthcare”Audience: ~ 125 AFMS Dental OfficersPurpose: Updates on AFMS and Dental FutureDesign: AFMS future updates, AFMS mission/strategyFormat: UnclassifiedSources: NOVA brief, SLW brief, iEHR brief, Dental Updates Integrity - Service - Excellence 1
  2. 2. Headquarters U.S. Air ForceIntegrity - Service - Excellence Air Force Pathways to Global Healthcare (Dental) Lt Gen C. Bruce Green Surgeon General 6 Nov 2011 2
  3. 3. Our Framework Provides Focus and Alignment) Strategies OverlappingMission Areas Transform Deployable Capability Rapid Response to Any Worldwide Contingency Fit Force Build Patient-Centered Care Continuity & Prevention to Optimize Health Invest in Education, Training & Research Sustain Our Future Capabilities Strategy Common Practice Culture Integrity - Service - Excellence
  4. 4. CAF/MAF Improvement Immediate < 20 min ER < 2 hrsT+0 hrs T+3 hrs OR & ICU < 3 hrs EMEDS Health Response Team a Reality! Self-Aid Combat Medics Forward In Theater Care Definitive Care Buddy Care Navy Corpsmen Resuscitative Rehab/Recovery Home w/Family Care AF Theater Hosp SAMMC Expeditionary g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l to Save Lives! I n t e Operations) Evolving e n c e
  5. 5. Global Reach: AF Dental Svc Supporting AF Priorities Mongolia55 dentists and 80 auxiliaries deployed in FY11 Afghanistan Iraq Cuba Timor Panama Peru Pacific El Salvador Peru Angel Suriname IndonesiaHonduras Cambodia Pacific Angel Beyond the Horizons New Horizons Riverine MEDRETEProviding Compassionate Care & Building Global Partnerships Integrity - Service - Excellence 5
  6. 6. Activating Patients & Care Teams Health Team PatientDecision Patient DecisionSupport Support CenteredPCMH Provides Improved Decision Support- For Patients c eHealthcare Teams Integrity - Service Excellen &
  7. 7. Electronic Health Initiatives Project (eHIP)Integrity - Service - Excellence 7
  8. 8. AHLTA on the) Information Highway Peak of Inflated Opportunity! Expectations Plateau of Swamp of Productivity Diminishing Vehicle of Returns Opportunity! Innovation Trigger Slope of Enlightenment Cliff of Obsolescence Trough of Disillusionment Time* Gartner Inc., chart from Mastering the HYPE CYCLE by Jackie Fenn and Mark Raskino Integrity - Service - Excellence
  9. 9. Sec Def/Sec VA DecisionCombined Efforts Provide the Best Future EHR Integrity - Service - Excellence
  10. 10. Leading the Way with Open Source HOSPITAL PHARMACY VISIT Electronic Electronic PROVIDERRADIOLOGY Health Record Health Record OFFICE VISIT PUBLIC LAB SYSTEM HEALTH SERVICE Open-Source Provides Integration Without Barriers Integrity - Service - Excellence 10
  11. 11. Integrating New TechnologyDigital Radiography Update - 100% of clinics now digital; ANG in progress - 65 of 79 DTFs are connected to WPAFB Central Archive - 4M radiographs transferred to Central Archive Dental Data System-Web (DDSW) ended May 11’ - CDA is now used 100% for SHARP metrics - Integrated with MiPACSContinued support of Cone Beam CT and Dolphin Imaging - Working toward central sustainmentImproving Our Environment Of Care To Deliver Better Outcomes Integrity - Service - Excellence 11
  12. 12. Enduring Academic PartnershipsDental Specialty Training Programs Post Graduate School of Dentistry to open June 2012 Partnership with USU to offer Masters degrees Advanced Education in General Dentistry Tri-Service Orthodontic Program USAF Dental Hygiene Program 10 scholarships per year; 70% retention rate for our AD RDHs Trident Technical College (SC) St. Petersburg College (FL)Certification for Dental Assistants and Lab Techs METC has partnered with the American Association of Dental Assistants 2 of the 3 required National Board exams now offered prior to graduation Currently have a 78% pass rate Education & Research – Absolutely Critical to Building & Sustaining the AFMS! Integrity - Service - Excellence 12
  13. 13. Status of the Dental Corps End of FY 11 DC Officer Inventory by Commissioned Yrs of Service Personnel 140 120AF Dentists on AD – 1024 (166 are students) 100AF Authorized 920/Assigned 858 (93%) 80Centrally Funded Contract Dentists- 68 60Contract Dentist- 5 / GS Dentists- 9 40 20Current Specialty Residents/Fellows-80 0AEGD Residents-84 / GPR Residents-2 >1 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 Capt Maj Lt Col Col Auxiliaries Clinic LabAF Authorized /Assigned 1746/1782 (102%) 395/375 (95%)AF AD Hygienists 48/38 (79%)GS Assistants/Hygienists/Lab 307/ 50 RDH 62Centrally Contract Assistants/Hygienists/Lab 148 / 17 RDH 0Contract Assistants/Hygienists/Lab 54 / 4 0 Integrity - Service - Excellence
  14. 14. Dental Developmental OpportunitiesEducation and Training >62 applications for 26 specialty training positions in FY12 New fellowship opportunities (Materials, Informatics, Implants)International Health Specialist (IHS) Positions at AFSOUTH, AFRICOM, and PACAF USU International Public Health Masters ProgramDental: 1st AFMS AFSC selected for enlisted vectoring 2011 DT for Dental Techs / 260 MSgts Force Developed Integrity - Service - Excellence
  15. 15. Dental Service PerformanceSHARP Metrics Goal StatusPatient Satisfaction 95% 95.7%Oral Health (Class 1) 65% 64%Access to Care (days) 21 12Readiness (Class 1/2) 95% 92.8%Performance Target-- Productivity (DWV) $345.8M $364.5M (105.4%) Integrity - Service - Excellence 15
  16. 16. The Future is Here Hand-held, Battery-powered, Laser Cautery & Ablation Tool From Force Health Protection To Logistics To Portable Surgical Tools AutomatedDirected InformationEnergy & DataSensors Collection (AIDC) Future CCATT Mission - Current CCATT Mission Wireless Reaching Beyond with Evolutionary Advances and Concepts Integrity - Service - Excellence 16
  17. 17. Innovation & Insight to Recapture CareSpecialty Hospitals Focused on Currency and Recapture Integrity - Service - Excellence 17
  18. 18. Patient-Centered CareReady: Reassure patient that you “know them”Accessible: Be there when the patient needs youPrepared: Respect patient and their timePrecise: Clarify all treatment and follow-up GOAL!Organized: Don’t ask patient what you should know or haveavailable in their medical recordRespectful: Always answer phone calls/resolve patient concernsThorough: Tell patient what to do if they feel worsePatient-Centered Care Begins with Access to Earn Trust! Integrity - Service - Excellence 18
  19. 19. “TRUSTED CARE ANYWHERE” Integrity - Service - Excellence