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Association for Realization of Basic Needs a local NGO registered under Government of Pakistan.

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Arban profile

  2. 2. Full Legal Name and Acronym Association for Realization of Basic Needs (ARBAN) Legal Status Association for Realization of Basic Needs (ARBAN) is a non-government non-profitable, non-religious & non-political organization. It was established in 2010 and registered with the Voluntary Social Welfare under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Registration and Control Ordinance Act 1961 & Rules 1962. Introduction The primary goal of Association for Realization of Basic Needs (ARBAN) is to serve the Community in the sector of social services. ARBAN is a non-profit organization focusing on quality health care, generate resources, and provide monthly source of income for women and children. ARBAN is presently addressing the following issues in the community. · Provision of Primary Health Care Services · Income-generation activities · Environmental Sanitation · Promotion of Hygienic Health Practices ARBAN is working towards Community Development through community participation. ARBAN believes not in giving but in sharing problems and solutions. Vision ARBAN is dedicated to provide quality healthcare, education and social services to the people especially Children and Women of Pakistan.
  3. 3. Mission To educate and motivate the people, sensitize policy makers and functionaries and promote activities and programmes of the Govt. and as well as the people, to achieve ARBAN’s vision in the foreseeable future. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE
  4. 4. Goals and Objective Children are the priority area of ARBAN. These objectives are achieved through provision of health and education opportunities at the grassroots level. 1. To prevent, detect, address and resolve health problems, increase educational achievement and enhance the quality of life of school-aged children and youth. 2. To implement cost effective and efficient health care delivery system for school going children of Pakistan and other developing nations. 3. To ensure follow-up arrangements along with providing services of specialists. 4. To make school authorities and parents aware of the health status of their children. 5. To provide sustainable living to under privileges women. Future Plan 1. To provide financial assistance to poor children for education. 2. To establish maternity home for women to provide all medical facilities on nominal charges. 3. To establish Health Care Center and Charitable Dispensaries for poor patients. 4. To establish vocational training center for female for learning different skills. 5. To provide monthly grocery to more than 100 females 6. To establish industrial home for women/girls where to provide different skills / training to the girls in sewing, cutting and embroidery etc. Governance and Management ARBAN is run by members of Executive Body; the members of Executive Body meet every three months to discuss issues and progress made during a quarter. Administratively ARBAN is divided into program and finance department. The program department is headed by a program manager and finance department by a finance manager. Both the managers are answerable to the General Secretary for progress of their respective departments. ARBAN conducts weekly and monthly staff meetings to monitor progress. It also conducts external evaluation to determine the progress made, identify gaps and explore opportunities for enhancing performance.
  5. 5. Organizational Strengths § Sound-vibrant and dynamic Managing committee § Dedicated experienced members and volunteers § Computer with skilled staff § Transparent computerized accounting system § Support of well-wishers like renowned lecturers, doctors, teachers & professionals. Membership Ordinary Membership – is open to any person or organisation who/which agrees, promotes and supports and pursues the aim and objectives of the Network and has paid his/her membership fee and subscriptions. Associate Membership – shall be open to any person or organisation who/which promotes or supports the cause of the Network and has been approved by the Board of Directors and has paid the membership fee and subscriptions. Honorary Membership – shall be offered to any person or organisation who/which promotes or supports the cause of the Network without having to pay membership fee and subscriptions. Bankers Account No. 20311 - 714 - 117141 Swift Code: MPBLPKKA081 Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited Allama Iqbal Road Branch Branch Code: 81 Contact Details ASSOCIATION FOR REALIZATION OF BASIC NEEDS 203, 2nd Floor, Mustafa Trade Canter, 926/927-C, Central Commercial Area, Block - 2, PECHS Karachi, Pakistan Ph.92.21.7090.939, 34551.942, Fax: 92.21.34312.808 Email: