Corruption In Pakistan


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The problems that were before the establishment of Pakistan and are not cured uptil today.
so view it and leave ur comments about it which will be highly appreciable on ur part. thnx

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  • There were about 25 famines during their rule resulting in an estimated death of 30-40 million Indians, and millions more suffering in hunger due to utter mismanagement and disregard for your lives.
  • UN\\Habitat defines 2.4\\10 survey
  • Appointments on political considerations n infulentiallandlorsCriminals and rent-seeking
  • Our land TI pakistan2006 survey
  • In 2005 Pakistan first educational census
  • As per law of country
  • TI (2002B) survey tehsildars and people were involved land mafia in all parts almostExample of patwari
  • Think individually, how it is linked directly to unemployment, drinking water, schools roads etc.People at the top can remove corruption at cutting edge if common people are concerned about it. Common man will get sadisitic pleasure if top persons are punished
  • Corruption In Pakistan

    2. 2. corruption during British rule  India share of world GDP went from 22.6% in 1700 to 3.85% in 1942…  Inherited feudal system given by British  Deserving people were also not getting their respective position.  increasing the burden of taxes for the queen on the face of famine and hunger.
    3. 3. OVERVIEW  The misuse of office for private gains  Corruption Perception Index (CPI) is 2.410  44% pay bribe
    4. 4. Most effected sectors  Police and law enforcement  Judiciary and legal profession  Power sector  Tax and customs  Health and education  Land administration
    5. 5. Police and law enforcement  Pervasive corruption  Appointments of police  Who benefits?
    6. 6. Judiciary  Lack of public confidence  Poor controls of the bodies Pakistan Bar Council  44% pay bribe to court official
    7. 7. Power sector  Most corrupt account system  Inadequate payments to companies
    8. 8. Tax and customs  Collusion between tax collector and costumer  Disturbed revenue  50% reduction, tax to GDP ratio increase to 2 to 4%
    9. 9. Health and education  Corruption the root cause for public services  12,737 non-functional schools  Low attendance of both  Feudal areas schools turned to cow farm, machinery place etc.  Continued…..
    10. 10. Health and education  Expansive MBBS doctors  Quack health providers playing with lives  Publically employed doctors practicing privately… illegal  Doctors making costumers in public hospitals
    11. 11. Land administration  Most corrupt sector  133 out of 1724 went for corruption  Land mafia very active  Patwari and tehsildars  Feudal hold
    12. 12. How to overcome corruption
    13. 13. How to overcome corruption  We ourselves are selfish  For individual think about final day !!!  Stop going for immediate solutions  Awareness in public  Killing corruption at the cutting edge  Shaping of minds through education  Media and religious scholars