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Mozilla Foundation Brown Bag - October 2008


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Presentation on where Mozilla Foundation is at delivered as lunch time talk in Mountain View, October 2008.

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Mozilla Foundation Brown Bag - October 2008

  1. 1. Mozilla Foundation Brown Bag October 29, 2008 Mountain View, CA Mozilla Foundation Team
  2. 2. MoFo Board Mitch Kapor Mitchell Baker Brendan Eich Brian Behlendorf Joi Ito Bob Lisbonne Pictures from Flickr by Joi, etech, Robert Scoble
  3. 3. Mark Surman, Executive Director Role: Listening. Strategizing. Connecting dots. Helping others get things done. Passion: Community-driven events.
  4. 4. Frank Hecker; Director Grants & Programs Role: managing grants program, helping create and implement policies Passion: disruptive innovation on the cheap
  5. 5. David Boswell, Programs Coordinator Role: Fundraising, communications, community support Passion: Finding out what the community is doing
  6. 6. Zak Greant, Electronic Frontierist Role: Research, Outreach, Evangelism Passion: The future of the internet and wired society
  7. 7. 1.Gerv Markham, Grease Gun 2.Role: Community fixer, Bugzilla, Licensing 3.Fetish: Usable security
  8. 8. Past
  9. 9. ? MoFo
  10. 10. Current Activities Supporting Mozilla project 1. Trademarks, copyright and other legal 2. Promote project, values and ecosystem 3. Wheel-greasing 4. CA approval
  11. 11. Current Activities Grants supporting Mozilla mission 1. Mozilla community projects 2. Web accessibility 3. Teaching Mozilla and Open Source 4. Open source and free culture initiatives
  12. 12. Future
  13. 13. Vision and Roadmap
  14. 14. 2010 Goals 1.New: More people understand and embrace the principles that underpin Mozilla.
  15. 15. 2010 Goals 1.New: More people understand and embrace the principles that underpin Mozilla. 1.Also: Community, Thought Leadership and Innovation goals.
  16. 16. Likely 2009 Activities 1. Establish 'Mozilla values' brand 2. Revitalize site 3. Promote Internet literacy 4. Accelerate powered by Mozilla 5. Support more events (eg. Mozcamp+) 6. Expand open source education And .... ?
  17. 17. Likely 2009 Activities 1.1. Clear vision and roadmap 2.2. Strong team and organization 3.3. Broader community and geo reach
  18. 18. Vision & Roadmap Process 0. Inputs 1. Strawman 2. Research 3. Draft 4. Output Gather Outline Detailed Complete Vision input high level research and draft of Document from 2010 vision, analysis on vision doc goals, main major and roadmap Whistler, themes and program for Program blogs, program ideas. Costs community Roadmap seredipity. opportunities. and viability. feedback. To Nov 08 Dec 08 Jan-Feb 09 Mar-Apr 09 Purpose: Clarify MoFo role in Mozilla. Define Community Feedback concrete programs and Experiments and team structure.
  19. 19. Questions?