Turkish Connections Platform - Status Report


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This report will be presented at the Turkish Connections Platform Coordination Group Meeting on 24 January 2014.

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Turkish Connections Platform - Status Report

  1. 1. Turkish Connections Platform STATUS REPORT 24 January 2013 S
  2. 2. AgendaS Project Status Update & Spokesperson, Editor and Project Manager Nominations by each group Moderator | 18.30-19.00S Project Management and Tracking by Gokhan | 19.00-19.15S Best Practice Sharing - Coaching & Career Development & Job Seeker Framework by Bahar, Begum and Philippe | 19.15-19.30S TCP Kick-Off Dinner Party & International Womens Day - March 7th by Mustafa | 19.30-20.00S TCP Logo Competition by Mustafa | 20.00-20.10S Any other business | 20.10-20.15
  3. 3. TCP Coordination Group Organization Spokespersons Editors ModeratorsName, Surname Name, Surname Name, Surname Name, Surname Name, Surname Name, SurnameResponsibilities Responsibilities Name, Surname Name, Surname1. Main contact for coordination 1. Define the rules and of all internal group activities. procedures for contributing Responsibilities2. Prepare and communicate the the TCP blog. meeting agenda in 2. Upload and manage the 1. Facilitate the group consultation with other approved content on the discussions within the thematic group moderators. platform. Thematic Groups.3. Representation of TCP in 2. Prepare the post meeting external relations (i.e fund Two Editors from each Thematic Group report and communicate it to raising, public relations, all group members. Media etc..) Still open for applicationsTwo Spokespersons from each Thematic Group (one male, one female)Active track of participationSelected for semi-annually (Period 1: Jan-Jun, Period 2: Jul-Dec)
  4. 4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group Spokesperson candidates: Ozge Kucuk, Cagri Caylak, Oluş Kayacan Editor candidates: Yunus Emre Severoğlu, Merih PasinS Project 1 - Setting-up an “Entrepreneurial Training Program” for start-up or small enterprises (Project Managers: Muge, Gokhan, Emre S.)S Project 2 - Coaching & Career Development & Job Seeker Framework (Project Managers: Bahar, Begum, Philippe)S Project 3 - Doing business in Turkey/EU (Project Managers: Memet, Emre K. + Cagri, Murat in support position)S Project 4 - Conferences on “New trends in emerging-market innovation” with a focus on SMEs (Project Managers: Ozge, Idil)
  5. 5. Academic Exchange Group Spokesperson candidates: Zeynep Yanasmayan, Selma Yilmazyildiz Kayaarma Editor candidates: Remziye Yılmaz, Ahmet GirayS Project 1- An online database for academics in Belgium who study and research on Turkey (joint project with IT and Social Media Group) (Project Managers: Remziye Yılmaz)S Project 2 - An internet portal to inform Turkish students who plan to study in Belgium and Belgium students who plan to study in Turkey (Project Managers: to be nominated!)S Project 3- Seminars on EU Framework (Horizon 2020) Programs and Research Funds (Project Managers: to be nominated!) – Joint project with EU Communications GroupS Project 4- Seminars on Doing Business in Turkey in cooperation with Ghent Management School (Project Managers: to be nominated!)
  6. 6. EU Communication GroupSpokesperson candidates: Laura Battalla Adam, Ekmel Çizmecioğlu, Can Selçuki Editor candidates: Mustafa TuranS Project 1 - Introduction to the EU institutions (Project managers: Mustafa Ulusoy, Murat Seyrek and Laura Batalla Adam)S Project 2 – Visa Liberalization for Turkish Nationals (Project Managers: Mustafa Turan and Pınar Erdem)S Project 3 – Perceptions of Turkey in Europe (Projects managers: Can Selçuki, Ekmel Çizmecioglu and Dilek Aydin) – Joint project with Academic Exchange GroupS Project 4 – Role Model Visibility Project (Projects managers: Can Selçuki and Mustafa Turan)S Project 5 - Panel Debate on the “Future of the EU and Turkey’s Place” (Project Managers: Mustafa Osman Turan and Laura Batalla Adam)
  7. 7. Events Organization Group Spokesperson Candidates: Derya Bulduk, Pascale Eyben Editor candidates: Evrim Taşkıran, Başak AtalayS Project 1 - The TCP dinner: "Kick-Off Dinner Party" – International Women’s Day (Project Managers: All Group Moderators)S Project 2 - "Turkish Music Night" (Project Managers: Evrim Taskiran and Derya Bulduk)S Project 3 - Language Conversation Tables (Project Managers: Pascal Eyben, Belinda, Derya Bulduk)S Project 4 - Karsu Dönmez Concerts – 2 February in Antwerp, 15 February in Gent (Project Managers: Pacale Eyben, Aydın Malkoç)S Project 5 - TCP Picnic (Project Managers: Gamze Erdemir and Suzan Unal)
  8. 8. IT and Social Media Group Spokesperson candidates: Duygu Dikbaş, Aydın Erol, Göksel Manav Editor candidates: Aydın MalkoçS Project 1 - TCP Website and Social Media Tools (Project Managers: All Moderators)S Project 2 - Database of Turkish speaking IT and ICT Professionals (Project Managers: Aydın Erol)S Project 3 – Networking and collaboration among IT and ICT Professionals in Turkey and Belgium (Europe)S Project 4 – Training programs for TCP members on IT and Social Media Skills (Project Managers: Aydın Malkoç)
  9. 9. Project Management – Fundamentals For each activity proposal for your respective project lead, please make sure you cover the following aspects: Why? How? What? (How does this Who? (i.e Funding, Do you require When? (Clear definition of(Clearly define the project align with collaboration with roles and (i.e Key content and our mission? other groups like responsibilities milestones, scope of the What are the IT or external and the targeted Deadlines) activity) expected stakeholders? audience) benefits?) TUSIAD, TURBO etc…)
  10. 10. Project Management – Follow up & Tracking a standard project tracking & presentation templates will be providedProject Tracking Project PresentationFor Projects Managers to keep track of the progress To be used ini.e % project completed, subtasks, diffr. volunteers Monthly Coordination Group meetingson the projects, key milestone achievements, Monthly Thematic Group meetingsdeadlines External Presentations (to be revised after the logo)
  11. 11. Best Practice Sharing Coaching & Career Development & Job Seeker Framework (1/2) Clear Objective (Why?)Project Objective: Objective of this project is to establish a forum for the new to Belgium as well aslonger accommodating Turkish people to provide the support they need via coaching, training andorientation packages. Targeted Audience (Who?)Activity Proposal #1: 1-1 Coaching Sessions Idea is to bridge the people who would need coaching and the people who would like to give coaching on a diverse range of topics. We will be giving a short explanation on the website about the 1-1 coaching framework and provide our contact details for volunteers. A template will be used to capture the background from these people and we will be matching the coach and coaches (Bahar to form an initial template) After the matching is done it will be under the responsibility of the coach- coachee to arrange the coaching session details. There needs to be rules set-up for the coaching sessions as well as recognizing the coaches. (Philippe will be sharing a proposal for rules) For recognizing the coaches, we will need to discuss later how to do this assessment; ie. face to face short interview format, template, referee… We will be asking for feedback from the people who got the coaching session to improve the set-up on an on- going basis A clear definition of the content and scope of the activity (What?)
  12. 12. Best Practice Sharing Coaching & Career Development & Job Seeker Framework (2/2)Activity Proposal #2: Job Search Objective is to have an orientation for the Turkish people who are new to Belgium The orientation can include an orientation package and 1-1 coaching sessions Under the orientation package, we will have a document that captures tips and tricks on the following topics; Free formations (language and professional formation checks provided by Actiris in Brussels, VDAB in Flemish region and Le Forem in Wallonia) How to look for a job (employement agencies : Actiris, VDAB, Le forem, interim, web..) Work permit, labour rights… CV re-write adaptated to Belgium, also where to get them translated free of charge) Belgium Turkey agreement in social security (retirement pensions, survivors pensions (dole right), benefits for accidents at work…) Equivalence of diplomas (How to get one) Collaboration with other stakeholders (How?Other For the orientation document, primarily we will be asking help from lawyers within the TCP group or alternatively from Fikriye Guzel who is a lawyer for several years and whether she will be willing to help out (Bahar will check) We will be defining the timelines and we will get in contact with IT team to see how we can implement our ideas on the website; regarding the 1-1 coaching session,the orientation document and the job links. Timeline (When?)
  13. 13. TCP Kick-Off Event & International Womens Day 7 March S Title: “Turkish Connections International Women’s Day Event – 2013” S Venue: Spirito Brussels (A renovated Anglican Church) – Toison d’Or S Concept: Revenue to go to a social responsibility project for women in Belgium (e.g. violence against women) S “Outstanding Turkish Women in Europe Award – 2013” S Music performance – e.g. Karsu Dönmez S Costs: for 250 people between 18.00-01.00 ≥ 10.000 Euro (except catering and wine) S Tickets: 30 Euro + We need to find sponspors until mid-February at the latest!
  14. 14. TCP Logo Competition
  15. 15. Thank you for participating