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Drumbeat: a proposal to grow the Mozilla community to include millions of new people: '''stewards of the open web, explaining and protecting the internet as a critical ‘public asset’'''. It will engage and activate webizens around issues such as privacy, identity, data in the cloud, open video and the mobile web. This is a draft concept overview for feedback. See: for more info.

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Mozilla Drumbeat - Draft Overview for Feedback

  1. 1. Mozilla:Drumbeat Stewarding the open web as a public resource. overview for feedback - october 2009
  2. 2. Proposal: Grow the Mozilla community to include millions of new people: stewards of the open web, explaining and protecting the internet as a critical public resource.
  3. 3. Drumbeat:Context Mozilla, community and a better internet
  4. 4. Question: Mozilla products have a massive impact, helping to create a better, more open internet. What can we do beyond product to extend this impact?
  5. 5. A better internet? A better internet is ... • transparent • participatory • decentralized • generative (bendable / hackable / remixable) Needs open technology, and good stewardship.
  6. 6. Mozilla today Build technology Current source of massive impact and product
  7. 7. Mozilla tomorrow? Build Steward technology the open web as and product public resource
  8. 8. Drumbeat:Concept Millions of Mozillians as stewards of the open web
  9. 9. Concept: Massively expanded Mozilla community: millions of people as stewards of the open web, explaining and protecting the internet as a critical public resource.
  10. 10. Why? Awareness: Widespread public understanding of the open web, why it matters and where Mozilla fits in. ☛ more informed web use and tech choices. Ideas: Critical internet issues more focused and clear, practical solutions on the table. ☛ opportunities for participation are clear. Action: Large, well organized community volunteering and participating to solve big web issues. ☛ web demonstrably healthier, safer, more resilient.
  11. 11. How? • Focus on ‘big internet issues’ of the future. • Broadly: internet as public resource, plus • Security and the health of the internet • Open web as platform, including mobile • Identity and data, ‘you’ in the cloud • Etc. -> evolves over time • Goal: people understand, care and act on web issues.
  12. 12. How? ↻ ⎚ Big internet issues ☺ Online (bongo) ☺☺ e-newsletter and campaigns. Yearly event (tympani) ☺ Big tent ideaswap / festival / hackfest. ☺☺ ☺☺☺ ☺☺ Ground meetups and clubs. Local events, game (conga) Support + work with others
  13. 13. 3 years from now Broad public understanding of internet in public resource in many countries. Modern open web tech and people-centric cloud have won, shaping internet experience. Next big internet challenges clear, technology and community action moving to address them. Even more massive + lively Mozilla community.
  14. 14. Drumbeat:Examples These need much more work. Join use at:
  15. 15. Example:Security ↻ ⎚ Goal: consumer awareness and caring about security. ☺ Security education ☺☺ Tools and awareness on security. Eg. ‘Web Health Check’ and plug- in version checker. Global, online. Security edu summit Convene leading orgs trying move needle on security awareness. Plan ☺ future campaigns. Global, FTF. ☺☺ Upgrade campaigns ☺☺☺ ☺☺ Volunteersand evangelizing neighbors upgrading their through events. Local, FTF.
  16. 16. Example:OpenWeb ↻ ⎚ Goal: establish open web brand, increase tech adoption. ☺ Logo and enewsletter ☺☺ E-newsletter on cool stuff you can do w/ the open web. ‘Open web inside’ logo program. Global, online. OpenWeb Festival Ideaswap and hackfest, connecting key players and creating cool ☺ content. Global, FTF. ☺☺ Upgrade campaigns ☺☺☺ ☺☺ Outreach and talks to local chambers of commerce, bloggers, etc. Local, FTF.
  17. 17. Example:Identity ↻ ⎚ Goal: early adopters talking about Future of web newsletter identity and future of the web ☺ ☺☺ Newsletter on ‘future web trends’ with strong focus on cloud computing and identity. Eventually, campaigns around things like terms of use and identity tools. Global, online. ‘You Identity’ summit Grassroots leaders and companies discussing state of identity and open web, ☺ looking @ future. Global, FTF. ☺☺ Identity ground buzz ☺☺☺ ☺☺ Ignite presentations, talks at on BarCamps, local meetups. Based themes in newsletter. Local, FTF.
  18. 18. Drumbeat needs your help. Ideas. Events. Campaigns. Whatever. A drumbeat happens only if you make it. Provide feedback or get involved: mark -at- chelsea -at-
  19. 19. Mozilla:Drumbeat Stewarding the open web as a public asset. overview for feedback - august 2009