Module 7 - Red Scare - McCarthyism


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Module 7 - Red Scare - McCarthyism

  1. 1. Module 7
  2. 2. Cold War In United States
  3. 3. XI. Red ScareXI. Red Scare Fear that Communism (Look back at definition in Section I) would spread to the U.S. and take away out freedoms.
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  5. 5. Agnes, oh Agnes Oh, how I love you Agnes, oh Agnes Oh, how you made me blue ‘Cause today I was informed by the FBI You're nothing but a teenage Russian spy Agnes, oh Agnes Just what have you done? Agnes, my Agnes For the Soviet Union If only you were booked for beltin' some guy Instead of for being a teenage Russian spy I thought that you really cared The night that we first kissed But now I know that you were just playing with me ‘Cause I was a son of an atomic scientist Agnes, oh Agnes Life's more than I can bear ‘Cause Agnes, my Agnes They're giving you the chair But even though you are a teenage Russian spy Agnes, my Agnes I'll love you ‘til you die Spoken: I can't help myself Agnes, I love you ‘til you die Agnes Wave bye, bye Agnes More power to you Agnes Agnes, the Teenage Russian Spy
  6. 6. XII. McCarthyismXII. McCarthyism
  7. 7. McCarthyism: the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, secret bad behavior, or treason (attempting to overthrow the government) without actually having evidence that proves the people did it. This refers to something that happened IN the U.S. from about 1950 to 1956. It happened all over the country, but much of these happenings were led by a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, named Joseph McCarthy. Support for these kind of agttacks faded, and on December 2, 1954, the Senate voted to censure (say officially he had officially mis-behaved) Senator McCarthy by a vote of 67 to 22, making him one of the few senators ever to be disciplined in this fashion. McCarthy died in Bethesda Naval Hospital on May 2, 1957, at the age of 48 from the disease Hepatitis.
  8. 8. Get That Communist Joe Joe, come here a minute I get a red hot tip for you, Joe See that guy with the red suspenders Driving that car with the bright red fenders I know he's one of those heavy spenders Get that Communist Joe He's fillin' my gal with propaganda And I'm scared she will meander Don't want to take a chance that he'll land her Get that Communist Joe He's a most revolting character And the fellas hate him so But with the girls this character Is a Comrade Romeo Since my love he's sabotaging And the law he has been dodging Give him what he deserves, jailhouse lodging Get that Communist Joe (Get that Shmo, Joe)
  9. 9. Want help interpreting? Ask teacher