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Civil rights pre view


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Pictorial introduction to Civil Rights unit

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Civil rights pre view

  1. 1. Civil Rights Pre-VIEW Look – Learn – Ask – Answer After looking this information over and thinking about it go to the discussion board below and ask questions. Then try to answer the questions of others.
  2. 2. Separate educational facilities -five/images/whiteschool-farmville.jpg mages/blackschool-lg.jpg
  3. 3. Separate public facilities tion_durhamrestaurant.jpg
  4. 4. Martin Luther King, Jr. – passive resistance content/uploads/2013/01/MLK-Quote.001.jpg
  5. 5. Rosa Parks – Montgomery bus boycott age/A2248/224861/300 _224861.jpg http://www.congressofracial /10106951/4426502_orig.jpg ?290 Why???
  6. 6. Expansion of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) http://www.ox oa/doc/opr/t0 005/e0862/im ages/inline/97 80195167795. national.02.jpg ? p=oamonthAg VXHpkc7Wr1I &d=/opr/t000
  7. 7. Brown v. Topeka Board of Education - desegregation of  schools ng2011/files/2011/02/schoolsegregation2.jpg
  8. 8. Freedom Riders, http://vanderbi er/cms-wp/wp- content/upload s/2012/10/Free dom-Riders1- 1024x849.jpg
  9. 9. sit-ins, and-up-for-rights.jpg
  10. 10. marches 845c949aca1f29c6de6ea4f72fb574b60d7492d0-s6-c30.jpg
  11. 11. Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Project C – the Children’s Crusade in Birmingham) ds/1/6/8/8/16887816/6612623_orig.jpg Young people doing WHAT??? Stepping into danger for WHAT????? Equality!!!!!!!
  12. 12. Voting Rights Act of 1965 (Selma to Montgomery March) /03/selma-march.jpg
  13. 13. workplace disadvantages many women encountered, including discrimination in hiring practices against women and lower wages for women than for men doing the same job. http://media1.arabia. 013/04/08/unequal- pay.jpg
  14. 14. National Organization for Women championed women's rights (NOW). https://salsa.wi redforchange.c om/o/5996/ima ges/contribute- pg-photo.jpg
  15. 15. Title IX – Sports for Females /wp- content/uploads/2 014/03/title-ix.jpg
  16. 16. Equal Rights Amendment http://www.equalrightsa erabutton.gif