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The green mile


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Analysis of the film done by four students

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The green mile

  2. 2. PlotMain themesCharachtersStephen King’s novelsElectric Chair: how it worksDeath Penalty: what you don’t know about itQuotations
  3. 3. The plotThe film is told in a flashback format and it begins with Paul Edgecomb crying while he is watching top hat so he tells to her friend the reason why he is crying.he was a corrections officer in charge of death row inmates at Cold Mountain Penitentiary during the summer of 1935.One day, John Coffey, a giant black man convicted of raping and killing two young white girls, arrives on death row.Meanwhile, a violent prisoner named "Wild Bill"
  4. 4. Percy Wetmore Instead of wetting the sponge used to conduct electricity and make executions quick and effective, he leaves it dry, causing the execution to malfunction dramatically. (during the execution of Eduard Delacroix)John "takes back" the sickness in Hals wife and regurgitates it into Percy, who then shoots Wharton to death and falls into a state of permanent catatonia.Percy is then admitted to Briar Ridge Mental Hospital as a patient rather than an administrator.Paul interrogates John, who says he "punished them bad men" and offers to show Paul what he saw. John takes Pauls hand and says he has to give Paul "a part of
  5. 5. Wharton is responsible for the crime for which John was convicted and sentenced to death.John tells him that there is too much pain in the world, to which he is sensitive, and says he is "rightly tired of the pain" and is ready to rest. For his last request on the night before his execution, John watches the film Top Hat.John is executed.As an elderly Paul finishes his story he explains that he was 44 years old at the time of Johns execution and that he is now 108. This is apparently a side effect of John giving a "part of himself" to Paul. Mr. Jingles, Dels mouse resurrected by John, is also still alive.
  6. 6. Main themespunishment of an innocenthis goodnessmisjudgements (ex. John is condamned and Percy despite he is mad he is not in prison or punished)helpsense of guiltviolence in the world
  7. 7. Paul EdgcombDeath row supervisor
  8. 8. Percyhe is spoiled, sadic and evilHe wants to take part to John’s executionHe kills Delacroix in a brutal way
  9. 9. John CoffeyHe is innocentHe has mystic powersHe wants to stop the sufferences of the world
  10. 10. The novelSerial novel written by Stephen KingOriginally released in six volumes
  11. 11. Differences between the film and the bookIn the film the setting is changed from 1932 and 1935In the book, the Green Mile is more emphasized as life; in the film seems to only refer to it as a penitentiaryIn the film, Paul tells Elaine the story of the Green Mile; in the book, he writes his story down in the form of a novelIn the novel, Paul’s flashback is provoked by the sadistic employee Brad Dolan; in the film is provoked by a TV-movie
  12. 12. Electric chair: how it worksIt is used only in the United StatesThe convict is attached to the chair with beltsArms and legs are blockedThere are various cycles of current in order to create lethal demages
  13. 13. From 1980 the electric chair has been replaced with the lethal injection, widely believed to be a more “human method”
  14. 14. Death Penalty: what you don’tknow about to convict an innocent personThere is a high risk it.Nobody believes that an innocent person can be executedBefore being executed a person could remain on the death row for 26 yearsCalifornia will spend 1 billion dollars for capital punishment
  15. 15. Quotations
  16. 16. How come life in prison doesnt mean life? Until it does, were not ready to do away with the death penalty. Stop thinking in terms of "punishment" for a minute and think in terms of safeguarding innocent people from incorrigible murderers. JESSE VENTURA, I Aint Got Time to BleedWe each owe a death — there are no exceptions. But, oh God, sometimes the Green Mile seems so long.
  17. 17. Created by:Corsunov JuliaPignat MartaDe Piero LaraPavan Sara