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Barcelona by polish students1


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Barcelona by polish students1

  1. 1. B a rc e l ona
  2. 2. S p a in Barcelona is in Spain, a countrylocated in Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. It is divided into autonomous communities. Official language: Spanish Capital: Madrid Area: 504 645 km² Population: 47 190 500 cash: euro Flag of Spain
  3. 3. C a t a lo n i aAutonomous community in Spain. In a broader sense - geographical and historical region on the Iberian Peninsula with the cultural and administrative center in Barcelona. Capital: Barcelona Area: 32 114 km² Population: 6 995 206 Flag of Catalonia
  4. 4. B a r c e lo na A city in northeastern Spain, the Mediterranean, the capital of the province of the same name and theautonomous community of Catalonia. The second largest city in Spain. Themain industrial center of the country. Area: 100,4 km² Population: 1 615 448 Flag of Barcelona
  5. 5. S a g r a d a F a m ilia Secession church in Barcelona,Catalonia. It has the status of basilica. Its construction started in 1882 andwas designed by Paul Villari. . Then the work on the church took over Antoni Gaudí. In 1926, Gaudí fell under a passing bus and died on the spot. Because of the organic forms andstructures of architectural uniqueness of the building has still not beencompleted, the completion of works is planned for 2026. Antoni Gaudí
  6. 6. P a rk G u e llAnother famous work of Antonio Gaudí. Was commissioned by a designer friend Eusebio Guell on the model of English cities - gardens. The project was the assumption of a housing for the rich bourgeoisie. Work began in 1900, but Gaudi never finishedthis project so the city authorities in 1922 and transformed it in a city park.
  7. 7. L ic e u Opera theater in Barcelona. It is the most important musicaltheaters in Spain and on to bigger and better in terms of acoustic scenes of this kind in the world. Opened on April 4 1847.W work on the building was attended by up to four architects.