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Christmas greeting


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Christmas greeting

  2. 2. SzentesteIn Hungary, Christmas Eve is veryimportant and is called Szent-estewhich means Holy Evening.
  3. 3. Christmas treePeople spend the evening with their family anddecorate the Christmas Tree. Sometimes only theadults decorate the tree (without the childrenthere), so when children come in and see the tree,its a great surprise and they are told that angelsbrought the tree for them.
  4. 4. Christmas mealThe main Christmas meal, which is also eatenon Christmas eve, consists of fish and stuffedcabbage and a special kind of poppybread/cake called Beigli.
  5. 5. Midnight massThe Midnight Mass service is verypopular in Hungary. Most people go toChurch after their Christmas meal.
  6. 6. The other daysOn the first and second days ofChristmas people visit their closefamily.
  7. 7. MikulásSt Nicholas also visits Hungary on the 6th December.In Hungary he is known as Mikulás. Children leaveout shoes or boots on a windowsill to be filled withgoodies! Presents might also be brought by Télapó(Old Man Winter).
  8. 8. Famous Hungarian song at Christmas Kiskarácsony, nagykarácsony, kisült-e már a kalácsom? Ha kisült már, ide véle, Hadd egyem meg melegébe! Jaj, de szép a karácsonyfa! Ragyog rajta a sok gyertya! Itt egy szép könyv ott, egy labda! Jaj, de szép a karácsonyfa! Béke szálljon minden házra, Kis családra, nagy családra! Karácsonyfa fenyőága, Hintsél békét a világra! Kis fenyőfa, nagy fenyőfa, kisült-e már a malacka? Ha kisült már, ide véle, Hadd egyem meg melegébe!
  9. 9. Every time a hand reaches out To help another... that is Christmas. Every time someone puts anger aside And strives for understanding That is Christmas. Every time people forget their differences And realize their love for each other That is Christmas. May this Christmas bring usCloser to the spirit of human understanding Closer to the blessing of peace!
  10. 10. We would like to wish a MerryChristmas and a Happy New Year for all of our friends in Poland, in Italy and in Catalonia: Your Hungarian friends from OÁMK Simon István Street Primary School