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Spain théo


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Spain théo

  1. 1. ● Country: Spain● Capital city: Madrid● Entry in EU: 1986● Currency: Euro● Population : 43,8 million● inhabitants● Location in Europe: Spain is in South of Europe, it faces the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean.● Political system: Monarchy
  2. 2. Famous thing● Famous product : tapas● Famous place: Sagrada Familia● Famous person:Salvador Dalí (1904 -1989) Catalan Spanish nationality, heis considered as one of themain representatives ofsurrealism and as one of themost famous painters of thetwentieth century.
  3. 3. Salvador DaliLes montres molles Sommeil
  4. 4. The Sagrada Familia The Sagrada Familia is aCatholic basilica erected in Barcelona since 1882. This is one of the best known examples ofCatalan modernism and a landmark of the city. Unfinished work of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí
  5. 5. TapasThe tapas are appetizers (several small dishes)
  6. 6. By: Theo & Lucas Source: googleCreated in: CDI 21/12/2012