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"UConn Conversations" course research


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UConn ECE research information

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"UConn Conversations" course research

  2. 2. • Visit the UConn Library website. They have a wide variety of databases and other digital resources. • Remember, if you use a database, you will have a collection of journal articles, magazine articles, book excerpts, news articles and more to sort through to gather useful information for your research. • Go to the HK Library website. You’ll find links to the UConn resources as well as a variety of school databases and internet resources. • The HK Library also has book resources that may be helpful. Go to to find books we have related to your topic.
  3. 3. CITATIONS •When you find information that you use in your project, you must cite the source. Use MLA format when citing resources for this project. •Citation information can be found on both the UConn and HK Library websites. •Remember, you must cite both information AND pictures you use in your project.
  4. 4. USING & CITING PICTURES • First, be sure you search for pictures that are free to use and/or share in your presentation. • Creative Commons is one source that will allow you to search for free-use images.You can also do an “Advanced Search” in Google Images. More on that soon! • Here are some picture citation guidelines and what a picture citation may look like: • You can also get help using Citation Machine for images!You plug in the information you know and the citation will be generated for you.
  5. 5. CITING FROM A DATABASE • In many instances, citation information is available to you directly from the database. Be sure to select the correct citation style (MLA in this case). • If you cannot copy and paste citation information from the database, you can use a tool such as “Citation Machine” ( to help generate a citation in the proper format.
  6. 6. IN-TEXT CITATIONS • In-text citations help readers locate the cited source in the References section of the paper. • Whenever you use a source, provide in parenthesis:  the author’s name and the date of publication  for quotations and close paraphrases, provide the author’s name, date of publication, and a page number
  7. 7. SAMPLE OF A CITATION PAGE (MLA FORMAT) Title this page Works
  9. 9. CITATIONS Austin Peay State University Academic Support CenterWriting Lab “Reliable and Unreliable Sources” Oct 29 2012 center/Reliable_and_Unreliable_Sources.pdf Georgetown University Evaluation Internet Resources 2016 content Images: Creative Commons Purdue OwlWriting Lab 2017