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Intro to Data Journalism


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Slides from a class given at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication on 16th November 2015, covering examples of different stories, sources, tools and tips.

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Intro to Data Journalism

  1. 1. Intro  to  Data  Journalism Damian  Radcliffe   16th November  2015 Damian  Radcliffe  /  Reporting  II  /   11th November  2015
  2. 2. Greater  consciousness  of  the  power  of  data
  3. 3. In  journalism,  it’s  nothing  new How  often  does  a  map  change  the   world?  In  1854,  one  produced  by  Doctor   John  Snow,  altered  it  forever. In  the  world  of  the  1850s,  cholera  was   believed  to  be  spread  by miasma  in  the   air,  germs  were  not  yet  understood  and   the  sudden  and  serious  outbreak  of   cholera  in  London's  Soho was  a  mystery. So  Snow  did  something  data  journalists   often  do  now:  he  mapped  the  cases.  The   map  essentially  represented  each  death   as  a  bar,  and  you  can  see  them  in  the   smaller  image  above. /2013/mar/15/john-­‐snow-­‐cholera-­‐map
  4. 4. Data  journalism  at  the  Guardian:   what  is  it  and  how  do  we  do  it?­‐journalism
  5. 5. 5  x  Examples
  6. 6. Battling  Infectious  Diseases  in  the  20th  Century:   The  Impact  of  Vaccines The  Wall  Street  Journal:­‐diseases-­‐and-­‐vaccines/
  7. 7. Rents  in  Berlin Source: tus/562639674322464769/photo/1 Story: v/mieten/article136875377/So-­‐stark-­‐ steigen-­‐die-­‐Mieten-­‐in-­‐Berlins-­‐ Kiezen.html?config=interactive Use  Google  Translate  to  look  at  this   story  if  you  don’t  read  German!
  8. 8. How  to  Choose  Where  to  Get  Treatment?   The  Ranking  of  Swiss  Hospitals Story:   (in  French) nfo/suisse/7083876 -­‐comment-­‐choisir-­‐ ou-­‐se-­‐faire-­‐soigner-­‐ le-­‐classement-­‐des-­‐ hopitaux-­‐ suisses.html
  9. 9. Graphic:  Key  data  behind  Sir  Alex  Ferguson’s   25  years  at  Old  Trafford­‐graphics/graphic-­‐of-­‐the-­‐day/8865692/Graphic-­‐Key-­‐ data-­‐behind-­‐Sir-­‐Alex-­‐Fergusons-­‐25-­‐years-­‐at-­‐Old-­‐Trafford.html
  10. 10. World’s  Fastest   Lifts  Race  to  the   Top  of  the   Tallest  Buildings Financial  Times: #ddj Via: e/status/641626619157815298 /photo/1
  11. 11. Sources,  Inspirations  and  Tools
  12. 12. 4 x  great  info  sources Open  Prism:  search  data  portals  from  around  the  world  by  typing  in   one  keyword: US  Local  Data  Portals:  lists  dozens  of  data  portals: lists  400+  data  portals  from  around  the  world. US  Census  data:
  13. 13. See  how  the  pros  do  it Los  Angeles  Times: Guardian: ProPublica: Quartz:
  14. 14.­‐analysis-­‐scraping-­‐resources/
  15. 15.­‐dataviz/
  16. 16. Top  Tips  re  potential  approach­‐the-­‐7-­‐different-­‐types-­‐of-­‐data-­‐stories/   1. NARRATE  CHANGE  OVER  TIME 2. START  BIG  AND  DRILL  DOWN 3. START  SMALL  AND  ZOOM  OUT 4. HIGHLIGHT  CONTRASTS 5. PROFILE  THE  OUTLIERS
  17. 17. Find  out  more
  18. 18. Assignment Either: Write  a  crime  story  (10%)   +  a data  story  (10%)   Or: Write  a  data  driven  crime   story  (20%)   Either  should  include  a   minimum  of  2-­‐3  interviews.
  19. 19. Timeline • 1  minute  pitch  to  class  on  Weds (What,  why,  how) • 2  minutes  if  you’re  doing  2  assignments • Police  assignment:   Due  23:59  23rd Nov. • Data  feature: Due  23:59  30th Nov. • Crime  data  story:     Due  23:59  30th Nov.
  20. 20. Need  more  inspiration? This  exercise  will  help • Watch  this  recent  clip  from  Last  Week  Tonight   with  John  Oliver  on  Prisoner  Re-­‐entry: • It  will  make  you  laugh. • It  should make  you  angry. • How  many  story  ideas  do  you  get  from  it?