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Using Content to Win at Ecommerce


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My presentation from the San Diego SEO Meetup on 8/16/12 about using creative content marketing to increase conversions, links and shares of product detail pages (PDPs).

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Using Content to Win at Ecommerce

  1. 1. Using Content to Win at EcommercePresented by Monique Pouget | August 16, 2012 @MoniqueTheGeek
  2. 2. First Off, Who Am I?Name: Monique Pouget Twitter: @MoniqueTheGeekTitle: Director of Content LinkedIn: Read My Posts: BlogCompany: Thunder SEO #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  3. 3. How do I… …spell E-commerce Ecommerce eCommerce ecommerce?!?! #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  4. 4. Challenge: Links to ecommerce product detail pages (PDP) are difficult to get, but they’re super valuable. Homepage Categories Products (PDPs) #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  5. 5. Solution: Use creative content marketing to increase conversions, links and shares of PDPs. #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  6. 6. But before you do that…• Have you: • Implemented SEO basics (KW rich URLs, title tags, H1s, image alt attributes, sitemaps, etc.)? • Invested in unique product descriptions and images? • Added microdata/microformats for rich snippets (video, star ratings/reviews, products, offers, authorship, etc.)? • Integrated UGC video and review content? • Internally linked from valuable pages? • Made your PDPs shareable? #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  7. 7. Challenge: Your site already has UGC reviews, but you want to engage more with your audience. #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  8. 8. Solution: Ask customers to submit photos and videos of your product, and add it to your PDPs. #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  9. 9. Product Reviews - Photos Customer action shots! #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  10. 10. Product Reviews - VideoCustomer video review isalso the “most helpfulfavorable review,” as votedby other customers! #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  11. 11. Videos = Important• Help shoppers make buying decisions, leading to increased sales.• Convey your added value such as your expertise, high level of service, etc.• Videos are ideal content to promote in most social media venues.• Make website pages more unique with custom content and transcripts. #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  12. 12. Ecommerce Product VideosShowcase your productswith professional videos. Bonus points: • Social sharing options • “Influence” stats • Customer reviews below video #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  13. 13. Ecommerce Product VideosZappos created 50,000videos for their products! #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  14. 14. Guides are Goooood Too REI pairs expert athletic advice with related categories. These pages draw qualified traffic from over 1,800 individual keyphrases each week. #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  15. 15. Challenge: Your product has little brand recognition in the community, and people aren’t writing organic reviews. #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  16. 16. Solution: Find popular bloggers in your community, and give away free products in exchange for a review. #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  17. 17. Product Reviews - External Link to PDP, FTW! /shoulder-bags/the- brooklyn.html?color=chestnutBonus: Companyis sponsoringreader giveaway! #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  18. 18. Tools #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  19. 19. Challenge: People are writing organic reviews, but not linking to your website. Seriously? #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  20. 20. Solution: Find these blog posts and ask them to link to a PDP “for their readers’ convenience.” #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  21. 21. Product Reviews - External No link to Vibram PDP. Let’s change that!Search in Google:vibram fivefingers inurl:review #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  22. 22. Challenge: Your infographics drive traffic, but not conversions. #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  23. 23. Solution: Combine infographics with a Call To Action (CTA). #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  24. 24. Infographics with a CTAPair an infographic with a special offer. #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  25. 25. Infographics with a CTAPair an infographic with arelated product. #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  26. 26. One more thing…• You can’t do this for every product you sell. Prioritize by rankings and conversions.• Select the products that rank between the 10th and 15th positions that need a “push”, and start with those.• Remember: It’s a long term play! Zappos 50K #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek
  27. 27. Thank You! #sdseo @MoniqueTheGeek