Pubcon 2013: Motivating the Masses: Inspiring Your Team to Build a Better Blog


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On October 24th, 2013, Monique Pouget spoke at Pubcon Las Vegas about motivating a team to create compelling content. From planning and research to promotion and tracking growth, here's everything you need to know about inspiring your team by become better bloggers!

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Pubcon 2013: Motivating the Masses: Inspiring Your Team to Build a Better Blog

  1. 1. DOWNLOAD this presentation MOTIVATING   THE  MASSES Inspiring Your Team to Build a Better Blog Presented by Monique Pouget | October 24th, 2013 @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  2. 2. @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  3. 3. First  Off  –    Who  am  I?     Monique Pouget Director of Content Strategy @moniquethegeek @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  4. 4. CONTENT   STRATEGY   “Plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.” - KRISTINA HALVORSON, CONTENTSTRATEGY.COM @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  5. 5. Start  here   ANALYZE  &   OBSERVE   BUILD  ONLINE   COMMUNITY   MEASURE   MONITOR  &   ENGAGE   Content  Strategy     Framework   SPREAD  THE   WORD   ESTABLISH   GOALS   DEVELOP   STRATEGY   AKA  Content   MarkeCng   CREATE   VALUE @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  6. 6. CONTENT   PLANNING @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  7. 7. BRAINSTORM @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  8. 8. Topic Writer Audience Due Dates UTMs SCHEDULE   @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  9. 9. WHEN IN DOUBT… Make boring stuff funny. DOCUMENT  IT @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  10. 10. 2 CONTENT   RESEARCH @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  11. 11. @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  12. 12. @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  13. 13. Get  to  know  this  guy.  He’s  wicked  smart.   @IanLurie @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  14. 14. MARKETING   DUNGEONS   +     DRAGONS   OVERLAP  GOLD @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  15. 15.      Write  for              overlapping          interests. @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  16. 16. RANDOM  AFFINITY     TWO  IDEAS  LINKED   ONLY  BY     THE  FACT  THAT     A  GROUP  OF  PEOPLE     LIKE  THEM  BOTH. @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  17. 17. Surprised?     Me  neither. @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  18. 18. 3 CONTENT   CREATION @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  19. 19. Who  Are  You  WriKng  For   Bots  or  Humans? @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  20. 20. @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  21. 21. Style  Guides  –    What  to  Include?   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  GOALS  of  Content   Demographics  &  Audience  Personas     Authorship  Brief   Topic  Examples   Title  &  Permanent  URLs   Categories  &  Tags   Headers  –  H2,  H3,  H4?  Bold,  Italics,  CAPITALIZED?     Blog  Width  and  Image  Sizes   Image  Sources   Thumbnails   Length  Requirements  or  RestricCons   Metadata  –  Title  and  DescripCon  Tags @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  22. 22. @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  23. 23. 4 CONTENT   PROMOTION @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  24. 24. Make promotion unique to each channel @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  25. 25. Encourage sharing from writers and colleagues @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  26. 26. Celebrate  wins  internally. @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  27. 27. Track  Growth  –    UTMs   h]p://­‐parameters/ @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  28. 28. Track  Growth  –    UTMs @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  29. 29. Share  Growth  –    Friendly  CompeCCon @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  30. 30. INFINITE   WISDOM @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  31. 31. “Knowledge is the first value of our company. Without reading and blogging, we don't grow, we don't add value to our community, and we can't make a difference in our clients' businesses.” Mackenzie Fogelson Owner & Fearless Leader - Mack Web Solutions @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  32. 32. “My go-to team motivational method is in the form of a pump up speech. When it comes to motivating a group of people to contribute to something collective, I have found it is important to emphasize impact. People need to feel like what they do gets noticed and matters, same holds true for what they don't do. Sometimes they have to be "get in the game" talks. In my experience when the team I lead sees how much I care, when I use my own struggles and failures to relate to what they are experiencing, this tends to hit home.” Brittan Bright Director of Client Strategy - iAcquire @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  33. 33. “Whatever's going on in the industry, we always end up talking about it while playing darts, eating lunch, drinking beer, etc. and my constant refrain is "That would be a good blog post." Sometimes it just takes looking at it in a new way to realize the potential." Courtney Seiter Community Manager - Raven Tools @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  34. 34. “I find it really helpful to have a physical calendar in the team's space with visual reminders for the whole team. If the calendar is not made public, people are generally more willing to disappoint themselves. But if you make it public, the whole team is expecting a post and no one wants to let their team down.” Bekka Palmer Magic Maker - Tattly @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  35. 35. “Be a nice pest. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, but no one likes the wheel very much. It's important to keep on top of people for blog posts, but be sure to also emphasize there is no pressure.” Mary Weinstein Director of Content - CPC Strategy @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  36. 36. “I send out a weekly Kahena AwesomeSauce email rounding up all the great things we do and some of the cooler projects and feedback we have gotten from clients.” Aaron Friedman Director of SEO - Kahena Digital Marketing @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  37. 37. “We actually require those on our search and social teams to blog once a month as part of their employee development. When someone's post does well, whether it's a mention by someone super cool, a great comment, or just a lot of shares, we'll send out a company-wide email congratulating them and showcasing why their post did well.” Casie Gillette Director of Online Marketing - KoMarketing Associates @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  38. 38. “Feedback gives contributors the confidence to keep going and makes them less afraid to run new ideas by you. So if you genuinely like something, make sure you let them know and don't be hesitant to share, not just like. Likes are cheap and easy, but I feel like sharing and writing even a sentence to go along with it shows that you give a damn.” Kiran Umapathy Right-Hand Man - Holiday Matinee @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  39. 39. If  All  Else  Fails…   Try  One  of  These  Methods @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon
  40. 40. DOWNLOAD Q  &  A   this presentation @moniquethegeek MONIQUE POUGET Director of Content Strategy @MoniqueTheGeek | #pubcon