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Oakwood Exhibition Photos

  1. 1. Oakwood School, North Hollywood, CA in partnership with Maryam School, Kabul, Afghanistan Mother –Daughter Photo Exhibition Global Citizens in Action May 2, 2013
  2. 2. Oakwood Mother- Daughter Photos
  3. 3. Letters from Maryam Students
  4. 4. Photos from Maryam Students
  5. 5. Arley & Mom
  6. 6. Mursal & Mom
  7. 7. Lily & Mom
  8. 8. Izzie & Mom
  9. 9. Sahra & Mom
  10. 10. Maddie & Mom
  11. 11. [differences and similarities] Career-wise, completely different: I don't want to work in fashion. However, my mom plays a dual role as both parent and a full-time worker, which I admire. I want to be able to play both parts as well. Also, my mom focuses on her mental well-being by being a yogi. Although I hate yoga, I want to experience life paying attention to my emotions, not ignoring them to make life easier. However, the idea of my future is constantly changing. Olivia & Mom
  12. 12. [differences and similarities] The person I am today has a lot to do with the way my mom raised me. My mom has taught me the pleasures of traveling, which has really impacted my life and the way that I look at things. Because of her enthusiasm about the world I have been given amazing opportunities to be immersed in different cultures. When it comes to the smaller things, at the moment I don’t really have any specifics, and of course I am going to want to live them differently. But because she raised me she will always have an influence on the way that I live my life. Phoebe & Mom
  13. 13. Shamsia & Mom
  14. 14. Rachel & Mom
  15. 15. [differences and similarities] Rosie: I expect my life to be very different from my mother’s. My mother's mother left my mom when she was two years old and was a terrible influence on her throughout her whole life. I think my mom is such a phenomenal mother because of the lack of a mother figure she had. She wanted to be for me what she could never have. So with her wonderful influence to guide me through the beginning of my life, I will have a lot more of the support that my mother had to find on her own. Rosie & Mom
  16. 16. Ryanna & Mom
  17. 17. Zuhal & Mom
  18. 18. Sophie & Mom
  19. 19. Sara & Mom
  20. 20. Nilab: I never hide anything from my mom and she is aware of all my works. It makes our relationship good. Zainab (Mother): I am happy with the way my daughter is because it gives me the feeling that in addition to being a mom I am a good friend of hers. Nilab: My mother provides me whatever I need and she tries her best to keep me happy in life. Nilab: Yes, I want to lead a similar life as my mom. Patuny: My mom knows all my secrets and we are like friends. Mother: I am lucky to have a daughter like Patuny. She is so open minded and close to me. Patuny: My mom Supports me in my studies and all steps in my life. Patuny: I want to lead my live different from my mom. I want to study and become a doctor and have a different life. Nazanin: I have a happy life with my mom, with so many good memories. Mother: I appreciate my daughter’s being in my life. Nazanin: My mother supports me whenever I take a big decision in my life, and it makes me successful. Nazanin: Yes, I want to lead a similar life as my mom has. Fiona & Mom Patuny & Mom Nizanin & Mom Nilab & Mom
  21. 21. Yalda: In general, I have a friendly relationship with my mom. She is not only my mom but acts as my friend and sister too. Rabia (Mother): In all the situations we are with each other and we understand each other’s sadness and happiness. Yalda: My mom encourages me to study. She helps me in my school lessons. Yalda: I want to lead a similar life to what my mom has. Alia: we have a friendly relationship, which is really tight and close. Hafiza (Mother): it feels great when I listen to my daughter at the time when she needs me. Aliza: My mother supports me to do good things. She is my big support whenever I need her. Aliza: I want to lead my life the same as my mother because she is a hardworking and kind woman not only in her house but also in her job and society. Nilofar: My mother always thinks of providing me whatever I need. And she always helps me in my life. Nor Zia (Mother): I want to try my best to help my daughter and to not leave her alone . Nilofar: My mother keeps me from the things which make me sad. She always gives advice and guides me to do good things. Nilofar: Yes, I want to lead a similar life as my mom. Muhajira: I have a good and friendly relationship with my mom. I go shopping with her and I enjoy my life with her. Marzia (Mother): My life is so beautiful with my daughter. Muhajira: My mother supports me in every good thing that I do in my life. Muhajira: I want to live different from my mom. Yalda & Mom Helen & Mom Alia & Mom Muhaijira & Mom Nilofar & Mom
  22. 22. Claire & Mom Ora & Mom Yasamin & Mom