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PPT on TATA motors limited by MohamedArif and his team!!


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Published in: Automotive, Business, Technology
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PPT on TATA motors limited by MohamedArif and his team!!

  1. 1. Brief Intro of TATA MOTORS World’s today is fast paced, intermediate, world where people areasking for new answer mobility, India’s leading automotive companytata motors is surging ahead with innovative solution.Tata Motors Limited is Indias largest automobile company. It is theleader in commercial vehicles in each segment, and among the topthree in passenger vehicles with winning products in the compact,midsize car and utility vehicle segments.The company is the worlds fourth largest truck manufacturer, and theworlds second largest bus manufacturer.Tata Motors has been at the forefront of the Indian automobileindustrys anti-pollution efforts by introducing cleaner engines.Therefore Tata Motors Limited is always committed to understandingcustomer needs.
  2. 2. Tata group was founded by JAMSHEDJI TATA in 1945.Tata motors is a part of Tata group.Tata Motors was founded by RATAN TATA.It tied-up with Daimler-Benz and entered Commercial vehiclesegment in 1954. In 1992, it entered Small vehicle segment.The headquarter of Tata group is in Mumbai.History
  3. 3. “Most admired by our customers,employees, business partners andshareholders for the experience andvalue they enjoy from being withus.”“To be passionate in anticipating andproviding the best vehicles andexperiences that excite ourcustomers globally.”
  4. 4. Organizational Structure:- Line and Staff Structure.!
  5. 5. The foundation of the company’s growth is a deepunderstanding of economic stimuli and customer needs, and theability to translate them into customer-desired offerings throughleading edge R&D.Employing 1,400 scientists and engineers, Tata Motors’ Researchand Development team is ahead of the pack in India’s market andright with the rest of the field internationally.Among Tata’s firsts are “the first indigenously developed LightCommercial Vehicle, Indias first Sports Utility Vehicle and, in 1998,the Tata Indica, Indias first fully indigenous passenger car,” as wellas the increasingly famous Tata Nano, which is projected to be theworld’s cheapest production car.
  6. 6. Managerial Structure:-Managing DirectorMr. Karl SlymChief Human Resources OfficerMr. Prabir JhaExecutive Director,QualityMr. Satish Balkrishna BorwankarExecutive Director, Commercial VehiclesBusiness UnitMr. Ravindra PisharodyPresident and Chief Financial OfficerMr. C RamakrishnanPresident and Head, Passenger VehiclesBusiness UnitMr. Ranjit YadavPresident and Head, EngineeringResearch CentreDr. Tim LevertonSr. Vice President,Purchasing & SupplyChainMr. Venkatram Mamillapalle
  7. 7. Work SpecializationsPassenger & Utility Vehicles:- Tata Sumo,Tata Safari,Tata Indica,Tata Indigo, tata Marina,Tata Winger,Tata Magic,Tata NanoCommercial Vehicles:- Tata Ace,Tata 407 Ex and Ex2,Tata 709 Ex,Tata 809 Ex and Ex2, Tata 909 Ex and Ex2,Tata 1109,Tata Starbus.
  8. 8. Concept Vehicles:- Aria Roadster, Aria Coupe, Tata Indiva,Tata Xover, Tata Prima.Military vehicles:- Tata LSV, Tata 2 Stretcher Ambulance,Tata 407 Troop Carrier, Tata SD 1015 TC.
  9. 9. PlantsJamshedpur:- Truck Factory, Engine Factory, Cab & CowlFactories.Pune:- Production Engineering Division,press tools, jigs, fixtures, gauges, metal pattern and special toolsLucknow:- Manufacturing of Commercial Vehicles,modern Buses,CNG & RE Buses.Patnagar:- Manufacturing of mini-truck Ace and the passenger carrier Magic.Sanand:- Manufacturing of Tata Nano.
  10. 10. Decision making authority is Centralized or Decentralized?It is Decentralized.It is Effective.
  11. 11. Social Responsibility•“A Company that cares about the future”•Committed to corporate social responsibility.•Signed the United Nations Global Compact.•Environmentally-friendly products and technology•Two main concerns:•Reduction of pollution•Restoration of ecological balance•Implemented soil and water conservation programs•Cleaner Engines•Advanced emission-testing labs•Developing alternate fuel engines•Sewage treatment facilities•Encourages tree planting
  12. 12. Milestones Tata Motors enters Bangladesh’s newcar market Tata Ace races through the one-millionmark in just 2,680 days. Tata Safari Storme, the Real SUV, hitsthe road Launch of PT Tata Motors Indonesia Tata Motors plant at Dharwad comes onstream Tata Motors enters into distribution
  13. 13. Challenges• Tata Motors relies heavily on its sales in India.• Tata Motors now faces stiff competition from fellowcompatriots like Mahindra, Maruti as well as multinationalbrands like Toyota and Chevrolet.• It has faced controversy over developing the ‘Nano’.• Ashok Leyland, Tatas biggest competitor in the Indianheavy commercial vehicle market.
  14. 14. Conclusion• Tata Motors has been at the forefront of the Indian automobileindustrys anti-pollution efforts by introducing cleaner engines.Therefore Tata Motors Limited is always committed tounderstanding customer needs.• The name of TATA itself says it all – Trust Acceptability Transparency Accountability