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Tchaikovsky: Russian composer

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  1. 1. 1840-1893Russian composer
  2. 2.  Born in KamskoVotkinsk Born on May 7, 1840 Died on November6,1893 in St.Petersburg
  3. 3.  Tchaikovsky was taught by agoverness and had learned tospeak German and French bythe age of 6 Tchaikovsky married AnotoninaMiliukova but the marriage onlylasted 9 weeks Tchaikovsky was extremely shyand had low self esteem - thiseffected his subsequentrelationships and he oftenturned to alcohol
  4. 4.  His cause of death is unknown butone of the theories was hecommitted suicide, rather thanface the public after they foundout he was a homosexual. When he wasn’t traveling, he livedalone. He felt that his music wasn’t anygood and that the audience wouldnever enjoy it. He was able to quit his job andcompose full time after a wealthywidow left him money.
  5. 5.  Tchaikovky’s motherdied when he was 14,this was his mainreason for composing He held his head withhis left hand whileconducting, in fear ofhis head falling off
  6. 6.  Tchaikovisky’s favoritecomposers were RossiniBellini,Verdi and Mozart The strongest emotions areprobably in Symphony No. 6(the ‘Pathetique’).Thissymphony was first heardonly nine days before he died
  7. 7.  Tchaikovskr wrote threeballets The Swan Lake (1877) The Sleeping Beauty(1890) The Nutcracker (18932) His ballets altogetherconsisted of 2066 tracks
  8. 8.  Premeired March 4,1877 at the BolshoiTheater in Moscow Balletmaster: JuliusReisinger Conductor: StepanRyabov
  9. 9.  A young women Odette is cursed andmust live as a beautiful women by nightand a swan by day The only way the curse can be broken is ifshe marries an prince She meets a prince and they fall in love,and the prince plans to propose toOdette, breaking her curse The prince is cursed and accidentallyproposes to another women thinking itwas Odette Both he and Odette end up killingthemselves after the accidental proposaland become lovers in the afterlife
  10. 10.  Premeired in St.Petersburg on January15, 1890 in the ImperialMariinskyTheater Ballet master: MariusPetipa Conductor: Ricarrdo Drigo
  11. 11.  A young princess, Aurora is cursed byan evil witch to fall into a long sleepon her 16th birthday A hundred years later, PrinceFlorimund finds Aurora asleep andkisses her The kiss wakes Aurora up from her‘sleep’ and she and the prince fall inlove and get married
  12. 12.  Premiered inDecember 18, 1892, atthe in the ImperialMariinskyTheater in St.Petersburg Balletmaster MariusPetipa, Lev Ivanov Conducted by RiccardoDrigo
  13. 13.  Clara a young girl is given a toynutcracker for Christmas She wakes up in the middle ofthe night and shrinks to thenutcrackers size The nutcracker wakes up andhe and his army of toy soldiersbattle the mouse kings army Clara and the nutcracker win,when Clara throws her slipperat the mouse king, killing him
  14. 14.  Music is unique bybeing very lightand a simple withan upbeat melody Songs by thiscomposer have abasic pattern thatis repeatedmultiple times
  15. 15.  Musical Analysis forNutcracker Ballet: Used a full orchestraand childrensinstruments such as axylophone A story about childrenand there journey theyexplore with theNutcracker
  16. 16.
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  18. 18.  The 1812Overture hasnothing to do withtheWar of 1812, itcommemorates thedefeat ofNapoleon’s army in1812 Tchaikovskyconducted thepiece at CarnegieHall in NewYorkCity, while visitingthe U.S.
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  21. 21.  JohnWilliams• Wrote music for E.T.Extraterrestrial,StarWars,Harry Potter, Jaws andmany other famousmovies Rachmaninoff andProkofiev• Russian Composers of thetwentieth century