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Tchaikovsky (2º ESO Bilingüe 12/13)


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Tchaikovsky (2º ESO Bilingüe 12/13)

  1. 1. Fernando GonzálezLucía GonzálezBorja LecueCarolina Mayor
  2. 2. He was a Russian composer, in the period of the romanticism,he is the composer of some of the most important classicalmusic, like symphonies, concertos, operas, ballets and chambermusic, for example: The Swan Lake, the Nutcracker, 1812Overture, and others. The Swan Lake The Nutcracker
  3. 3. -Pyotr Llyich Tchaikovsky borns in Votkinsk the smallvillage of Udmurtia the date of 7th of May in 1840.-When he was 5 years-old he comes to take pianolessons, he was early student.-When he has got 10 years-old, his family send he tothe Imperial Jurisprudence School in San Petersburg, hewas preparated for be a functionary.-Tchaikovskys separation from his mother to attendboarding school caused an emotional trauma in hischildhood, and then, his mother’s dead from cholera in1854 devastating him. He mourned his mothers loss forthe rest of his life.-The 10th of June in 1859, the 19 year-old Tchaikovskygraduated with the Rank of titular consuelo.
  4. 4. -Tchaikovsky combined his professional chores with therealization of musical criticism, while he continuecomposing.-In 1868, Tchaikovsky he mets the Belgian soprano DésiréeArtôt, who was on a tour of Russia.Tchaikovsky and Désirée feel in love, and later, when theywere promised, Tchaikovsky doesnt knew nothing, Désiréemarried with the Spanish baritone, Mariano Padilla.Tchaikovsky surpassed him soon enough, and just in thismoment, Tchaikovsky realized that he was gay.
  5. 5. -Tchaikovsky returnedto the Conservatory inMoscow in the autumnof 1879,lefting Russiafor a year to hismarriage disintegrate.-Tchaikovsky wastravelling throughEurope for about 5years, and finally, in The last House of Tchaikovsky in1884, he returns to Klin, now is the Tchaikovsky’s Museum.Russia.
  6. 6. -Tchaikovsky died the 6th of November of 1893 in SanPetersburg.-He was ungrounded in the Tíjvinskoye cementery in theAlejandro Nevsky monastery.-His death was caused to cholera, collapsed to drinkcontaminated water, but some people said he diedbecause he try to commit suicide.
  7. 7. -Tchaikovsky was in the classical romanticism period. Piano Oberture concert 1812 Nº 1Some ofhiscompositions Symphony Variations Nº 2 on a Rococó theme
  8. 8. -Tchaikovsky it was considered the greatest Russian composerof all time.-His music appears in some films, for example: In Fantasy(Disney, 1940) and Barbie and the Nutcracker.