SiSTeR Technologies Strategic Value to Dealers


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SiSTeR Technologies is the automotive industry's leading provider of automated video production and syndication. SiSTeR's continues to define how video works for a dealer far beyond the website by positioning video as a core component to a dealer's search, SEO, social, mobile and sales platforms. Dealer's who look strategic value and ROI over just cost choose SiSTeR Technologies

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SiSTeR Technologies Strategic Value to Dealers

  1. 1. SiSTeR’s Unique Value VidBrid Production – Combine dealer branding, certification, and vehicle history narrated in real human voice. 4DF player – Mobile ready player that includes 3rd party application and calls-to- action and is embedded in all sites including and Distribution – Real time distribution to, and YouTube. FullMo – Full motion video solution using video captured directly from iPhone / iPad or uploaded through Publisher. vSHOC – Web 2.0 inventory module that contains the dealer’s entire inventory for the dealers’ website, Facebook, email signature and CRM. Publisher – Backend management system for vSHOC and inclusion of 3rd party applications, content and calls-to-action in the 4DF player. VinLookup – Amazon cloud-based data, content and application web services that delivers content to any site and device without data export.1/30/2012 1 **** VCL2012 (Q1 2012). CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION ****
  2. 2. VidBrid ProductionProblem Need to differentiate, stand above the crowd, captureattention and deliver value. Dealer branding is important but buyers hate pre-rolladvertisements (bumpers).Solution 16:9 Widescreen format is more appealing, 33%bigger and eliminates black bars. In-video presentation of the dealers branding (banner,background pictures and special messages) distinguishes anddifferentiates the dealer. Certification details and vehicle history reports areincluded in every production that qualifies. Important features / benefits of each vehicle aredescribed in details with REAL human voice.Summary• Best video production with widescreen format and real human voice narration.• Stand above the competition, capture attention and deliver first impression.1/30/2012 **** VCL2012 (Q1 2012). CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION **** 2
  3. 3. 4DF PlayerProblem iPads won’t display Flash player. How to increase the ROI of 3rd party applications (chat, trade-in value, credit applications, etc).Solution 4DF player switches automatically between Flash & HTML 5 according to the user’s device. 4DF player is integrated in over 50 sites including and 3rd party applications can be added instantly and are presented in a special layer above video. Calls-to-action and special messaging are displayed in timely manner within the player.Summary• 50% of car buyers are using mobile devices – your video must be mobile too.• 4DF player expands the reach of 3rd party applications and increases ROI.1/30/2012 **** VCL2012 (Q1 2012). CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION **** 3
  4. 4. DistributionProblem How to capture top search results. How to present your video to millions of car buyers on and Cars.comSolution Videos are automatically pushed to YouTube with appropriate tags and multi-cities titles. SiSTeR has the largest number of clips on YouTube – delivering top search results on Google more than any other provider. Videos never drop from top search results thanks to the “Click for Price” to the vSHOC – if vehicle is sold, similar vehicles are presented (see slide 6). Videos are pushed to & (SiSTeR video on both sites are the only ones that play on all mobile devices).Summary• SiSTeR videos deliver up to x10 more views beyond the dealer’s website.• Only video production that plays on mobile devices - everywhere.1/30/2012 **** VCL2012 (Q1 2012). CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION **** 4
  5. 5. FullMo (Full Motion Video)Problem Buyers like full motion video but it’s costly and time consuming to produce. Can existing dealer staff produce high quality full motion video in just seconds without training ?Solution FullMo w/TrueVoice iContent is a free app available from the Apple store and contains the dealer’s entire inventory powered by vSHOC (see slide 6). Users can capture full motion video in seconds – our system automatically adds the voice over. FullMo w/ Intro “Use your own voice” or “Video introduction only” modes are also available. Use high quality video camera and upload directly through Publisher.Summary• SiSTeR provides full coverage and take cares of the automated voice over and distribution so dealers can provide full motion video on selected vehicles.1/30/2012 **** VCL2012 (Q1 2012). CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION **** 5
  6. 6. vSHOC (Video Showcase)Problem How to provide buyers with interactive search and filter tools that are more engaging? How to include dealer inventory in every email communication, Facebook & CRM?Solution vSHOC is a Web 2.0 module that presents the dealer’s entire inventory with dynamic search (even keywords search) and filters – instantly. vSHOC is white labeled for Facebook and integrated into more than 20 sites. vSHOC responds to incoming traffic (such as YouTube) and displays “similar” if vehicle is sold. Works on every mobile device by automatically switching between Flash and HTML 5.Summary• Utilizing Web 2.0 technology, vSHOC provides instant search and filter results for the dealer’s website, Facebook, email communication and CRM.1/30/2012 **** VCL2012 (Q1 2012). CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION **** 6
  7. 7. PublisherProblem How to increase the ROI of 3rd party applications (chat, trade-in valuation, credit app, etc.)? How to make the use of vSHOC simple and accessible to everybody?Solution “Click on the Cube” to access Publisher directly from the player – everywhere. Dealer can add 3rd party applications (trade-in evaluation, chat, calculator, etc.) instantly. Calls-to-action and advertisements are managed centrally across all destinations . Configure vSHOC and retrieve links or embed code for vSHOC – instantly.Summary• Up to x5 increase ROI of 3rd party applications.• Instant integration of vSHOC – eliminate mistakes and wasted time.1/30/2012 **** VCL2012 (Q1 2012). CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION **** 7
  8. 8. VinLookup Web ServicesProblem How to display data, pictures, videos and apps across multiply sites? How to eliminate mistakes and delays?Solution Data is retrieved by SiSTeR from multiple sources, cleaned and enhanced, and used for video production. All data is hosted on Amazon cloud system and Akamai CDN for instant access and playback. Partners are provided with JSON integration that allows any website and mobile device to access the content instantly without the need to import and process data from SiSTeR.Summary• Simple and cost effective with fast operation and fast integration.• No mistakes are possible – “From The North Pole All Roads Go South”1/30/2012 **** VCL2012 (Q1 2012). CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION **** 8
  9. 9. Summary Increase conversion by up to 60%. Distinguish yourself from the competition. Capture top search results. Only video that works on all mobile devices. Increase ROI on 3rd party applications by up to x5. vSHOC brings your inventory to Facebook, emails, digital advertisements and CRM . Capture full motion video easily. Integration that has been tested and proven on over 50 websites.1/30/2012 9 **** VCL2012 (Q1 2012). CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION ****