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  1. 1. Answer
  2. 2. Answer - She was born in London in 1943. - - From 1961-1962 she studied at the Sorbonne, Paris - - She gradutated from the University of East Anglia in 1965. - - She lives in Norfolk. Question
  3. 3. Where does LEV, the main character in the novel, come from? EAST/WEST/NORTH/SOUTH Answer
  4. 4. Answer Lev comes from a village called Auror which is in an unspecified Eastern European country. He had worked in a sawmill and became unemployed when the factory closed because there were no more trees left, as he says. He is also a widower and had to leave his little daughter with his mother. Question
  5. 5. QUESTION We, the reader, are accomanying him on his interminable trip on a bus to England where he arrives grey with exhaution and almost with no money. He sleeps outside and gets his first job from a moslem who is also struggling to survive. How would you define such a person? Answer
  6. 6. Answer A poor immigrant Noun: immigration Verb: to immigrate Question
  7. 7. Lydia, the lady he met on the bus, saves him from the street by finding him what? Answer
  8. 8. Answer a job in a very elegant restaurant where he washes the dishes and is slowly working his way up. Question
  9. 9. Question When Lev is at the house of Lydia‘s friend in Mushwell Hill he realizes the big social gap but handles it with humour when sitting ...... ............ he relieves himself as quietly as he could. Answer
  10. 10. Answer On the toilet or lavatory and loo Andy, the playwright later says that the English should start to have the courage to look at the filth in that room. Question
  11. 11. Question Lydia invites Lev to do something very special. What could it be? Answer
  12. 12. Answer She invites him to a concert with the Maestro Greszler, the great conductor for whom Lydia is working now. Question
  13. 13. Question The audience is very quietly waiting for the concert to begin when something terrible happens to Lev. What could it be? Answer
  14. 14. Answer His new cell phone starts to ring and he can‘t find it in his clothes and as the ringing becomes louder and louder the people and conductor are getting very angry. Lev is desperate and is leaving as fast as possible. Question
  15. 15. Question Through Lev‘s ............., we see London as the incomer sees it and it is not at all an attractive and encouraging sight. Which word fits into the gap? Answer
  16. 16. Answer EYES is the answer. Other words in connection are: Eyesight : Somebody has a good eyesight. This means that he sees well. To eye sb. up = to look at a person and try to know more about her or him. Question
  17. 17. Question Lev lives now in Christy‘s flat. His wife has left him and he suffers because he is not supposed to have contact with his daughter because he may have hit her when he was drunk.Christ is Irish. Which country is he from? Answer
  18. 18. Answer Christy is from Ireland. Lev and Christy get on well together; they are both lonly, like to drink and to smoke cigarettes. Christy says „Life‘s a feckin‘ football match to the Brit now. They didn‘t used to be like this, but now they are. If you can‘t get your ball in the back of the net, you‘re no one.“ Question
  19. 19. Question Do Christy and Lev feel at home in London and its society? Answer
  20. 20. Answer NO, NOT AT ALL! They feel that they do not belong to this society. Question
  21. 21. Question m o Answer e n y
  22. 22. Answer Some money! These are coins Question
  23. 23. Question Sophie,colleague from work, offers to help Lev to clean up the..................and he falls in love with her. Later on when he is with her and her friends in a bar where they all tell their stories Lev feels very uncomfortable. Answer
  24. 24. Answer Kitchen Restaurant Question
  25. 25. Lev understands that his......... misses him very much and that by running away from his sorrow he made suffer her very much. Answer
  26. 26. Answer It‘s his little daughter who suffers very much because she misses her father and he misses her, too. Maya also informs her father that she can‘t go iceskating anymore because Rudi‘s Tchevi is kaputt. Question
  27. 27. Question Because Lev‘s love affair with Sophie comes to an end, the former loses his job at GK Ashe‘s and has to become an ............picker for the also lonely Suffolk farmer Midge. Fill the right vegetable into the gap. Answer
  28. 28. ANSWER asparagus Question
  29. 29. Question Lydia gives Lev a very important book by William Shakespeare for Christmas and before she leaves to more or less live with the famous musician she tells Lev to really read it because he will also find out much about himself. Why What‘s the name of the play/tragedy? Answer
  30. 30. Answer The play is called HAMLET It seems that the ghost from Auror has followed him to London. Question
  31. 31. QUESTION Lev has a really crazy plan how to help Maya, Ina Rudi and Lora who are in a desperate situation because a .......... is supposed to be built and the people from Auror will have to move to an apartment in Baryn and there are big problems with Rudi‘s car and Rudi himself. What do you think is Lev going to do and WHY? Answer
  32. 32. ANSWER They are going to build a dam and Auror will be drowned. Please read the book and you will know the rest. Thanks