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  • Coming back to teaching after 12 years was overwhelming with all of the new technology\\, I had only used PC’s, NOT apple products, but since I had worked on creating a website, I thought I was one step ahead
  • Boy was I mistaken! I had no idea how behind the times I truly was. I had a lot to learn and I was lucky to have a 21st century team to help me get started.
  • I new I needed to jump right in. My first step was blogging. My class blogged daily, with new topics each week. My students taught me so much.
  • I had started to become familiar with all of these, but I had no experience with iPads. It was time to try them out in my class, and thankfully Silvia came to give my class an introductory lesson, and I was one of the students.
  • Silvia introduced the app popplet to us,. So our first iPad activity was to create a food chain using popplet, which went along with our ecosystem unit. I loved being a student and learning with my class.
  • Next, we used Google Earth. I wanted everyone to see where we were going in Savannah on our field trip and map out all of our stops. I struggled with how to make iPads part of my daily routine.
  • So this year, I have been implementing the Daily 3 which includes 3 rotations including reading, writing, and word work. Word work would be my introduction to the iPads this year
  • When I first started introducing the iPad apps for word work, I wanted the students to learn how to use them, play ,experiment and collaborate with each other. This was our time to find apps that would be useful.
  • We started with a word app called Pop words (which I love). The students immediately loved this part of our rotations because of course it was education in the form of a game.
  • The students were completely engaged, learning and discovering new techniques when we could use the iPads during the Daily 3. We started using hooked on words, another fun, yet challenging word app
  • Often either Andrea or myself would find an app that we thought would be good for word work and the students would test it out. They are the best critics and I learn so much from them. This one is called synonym to synonym
  • We also began to realize that with sharing the laptops with other classes, we would often not have enough to go around while doing our writing. The studetns began to use the iPads to blog and many of them prefer using the iPads for blogging.
  • The next way we began to use the iPads was for spelling practice. We have spelling city, which we use, and We found this spelling app to be very helpful,along with several others.
  • We began our big project of creating language arts tutorials. WE started using different apps to create tutorials. Here is the Show Me app being used for a tutorial on verbs.
  • We used sock puppets to create tutorials. The students loved writing the dialogues for the sock puppets to teach a new language art skill to others .Our tutorials are going on our class wiki.
  • This student used iMovie to create his tutorial on possessive nouns. Most of the students are experts on using iMovie, so The students have taught me and others in the class how to use iMovie
  • I choose a different student each week to be the class photographer and capture what we are doing in class. They use the iPads to take pictures in class. They look forward to being our photographer.
  • Time to take a look at the data. We can use the ipads every day, but it has to impact the learning. I SEE BIG RESULTS
  • I use the benchmark test each grading period, as well as, the star reading test. Both classes scores have gone up in vocabulary, and reading levels ha e increased as a whole. What is next?
  • I Am hoping to go to iPads instead of textbooks for next year. We have come far, and we have a long way to go , but I would love to have my own so I can be one step ahead.
  • Hatzatah. Stephanie

    1. 1. Skyping Twitter Blogs iPadsReflect Ning Apps Global Voicethread
    2. 2. Popplet
    3. 3. Google Earth
    4. 4. Word Work
    5. 5. Collaborate
    6. 6. Pop Words
    7. 7. Hooked on
    8. 8. Synonym match
    9. 9. Google Docs
    10. 10. Spelling
    11. 11. Show Me
    12. 12. Sock Puppets
    13. 13. iMovie
    14. 14. Photographer
    15. 15. Vocabulary Skills Reading Levels Spelling Scores
    16. 16. Image Credits• Typewriter from iStock photohttp://www.sxc.hu/photo/1157697• Male Diver from Haiku deck• Question Mark from iStock photohttp://www.sxc.hu/photo/544853• Rocket ship from nasa.govhttp://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/image_feature_345.html• Eyeball from Haiku deck