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IncMan Suite. The Ultimate Incident Management Software


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Welcome to the DFLabs IncMan Suite, an IT security incident tracking software solution that enables the management of every kind of information security incident.

IncMan can manage over 170 information types and supports the entire incident management process from security to fraud, including digital forensics, case management and incident tracking.

IncMan is comprised of three modules that can operate autonomously or in concert to provide a complete centralized incident management solution. IncMan can be readily integrated with your existing security infrastructure (i.e. SIEM, automated Incident Response tools, etc.) and can be fully customized. IncMan is designed with the needs of the entire enterprise in mind, from top management to the responders and analysts who need a complete tool to manage all phases of security incident response. The IncMan® Suite is a security management software designed for the needs of Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) and allows support for multiple constituent organizations.

IncMan® supports all certification and accreditation processes required by sections 3505 and 3544 of the US Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), as well as the ability to report and manage incidents associated with government facilities and systems. The IncMan Suite also provides a turnkey solution for compliance with the whistleblower requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley sections 301 and 302. Finally, DFLabs IncMan Suite may be also used to Manage the Reporting of Cyber Security Risks and Incidents to the SEC.

IncMan is offered as a pre-packaged virtual machine or hardware appliance for easy deployment. IncMan is available in either an annual renewable or perpetual license options suitable for organizations of any size. We also offer including customized training which can include topics on incident management, audit, information security, law enforcement, computer forensics, e-discovery, incident tracking and evidence/asset tracking software.

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IncMan Suite. The Ultimate Incident Management Software

  1. 1. Incident Management MADE SIMPLE Incident management requires interconnection between process and workflow management. DFLabs has developed the IncMan Suite specifically to meet these demands. This tool set comprises three modules that may be used independently or as an inter-operable system to facilitate the entire incident management process from security to help desk functions, including forensics operations. The Suite integrates easily into existing architecture, automatically managing all signals and alarms, and initiating an escalation process where necessary. Should you have to manage information security incidents and guarantee fully traceability, IncMan Suite is the ideal solution. Just request a free demo and you’ll soon understand why.THE ONLY EXISTING SYSTEM OF ITS KIND, INCMAN SUITE has already been adopted by a host of corporate clients worldwide. Incident Manager (IMAN) is a Digital Investigation Manager ITILITY is the third module and Incident Manager Digital Investigation Manager ITILity Module module for the complete (D.I.M) is a digital evidence perfect complement to the Suite. It management of IT and corporate management module. It was is dedicated to troubleshooting and security incidents. IMAN gathers developed for use during incident help desk functions for companies all information related to the response and forensic acquisition who need to manage IT incidents in systems involved and the operations. The application allows compliance with the ITIL standard. methods used in perpetrating an the user to catalog all relevant attack, tracks direct and indirect information and generate detailed costs incurred as a result of the reports. D.I.M. is a fundamental incident, and generates tool for managing computer multilevel reports compliant with forensics and response operations the most rigorous international flows. standards.Official site: DFLABS s.r.l. Rep. Office: Corso Magenta 43 - 20123 Milano, Italy Labs: Via delle Macchinette 27 - 26013 Crema (CR), Italy Email: