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How electromagnets work


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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How electromagnets work

  1. 1. How electromagnets work By Mimi
  2. 2. So how do they work?An electromagnet is a type of magnet which works by having acurrent of electricity pass through a series of wires. The wirescan be wrapped around a nail, for example, but then it has to beconnected to a power source. The main source people use is assimple as a battery. Attaching the ends of the wire to the positiveand negative sides of the battery will let the current of electricitypass through the wire to the nail. The electricity from the batterycreate a magnetic force around the nail and will allow it to pickup anything magnetic. The magnet can be turned of bydisconnecting the wire.
  3. 3. DomainsA domain is like a little magnet with a North and South Pole. Each domaincancels each other out because when one ‘magnet/domain’ is pointing oneway, another is pointing in the complete opposite.When a current of electricity passes through the domains align and turnparallel to the magnetic field.