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Invents for education


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Invents for education

  1. 1. Invents for education { By: pupils from Czechia for their friends from Poland and Slovakia
  2. 2.  I am set of signs.  I can express sounds.  In Russia I am cyrilic.  I haven’t „CH‚.  I have 26 signs in Czech, in some countries more.  ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ are signs in me.  From my signs people do sounds and words.  People use me in the whole world.  My name is from my 4 first signs.  /by: Adam Caha/1. What invent am I?
  3. 3.  world net, where we can find different information, pictures, . .  international system mutually put computer net and carefree communication   Majority information we find on webs page (www). References, how get to information:,, Yahoo!, Google, Bing, J yxo, . .  /by: Petra Hrstková/2. What invent am I?
  4. 4.  People invented me in 1991.  I´m big desk on a walls at schools.  I´m „touching‘‘.  I can be connected to the computer.  I can be connected to the projector.  I´m used in the school.  I´m squared.  I´m flat.  I can be connected with speaker.  They write to me with special marks.  I´m used at presentation.  You can write, paint, show video, pictures on me.  /Eva Chocholoušová/3. What invent am I?
  5. 5.  Almost every people have me today.  I have a long history.  People can with me send message and listen radio, call together.  I can be connected with internet.  I can show pictures.  I am in many sizes.  My long history is from 19 century.  In 70. years I began to be sold separately.  I need for work the sim card and battery.  My predecessor was a phone.  /by: Kateřina Havlíčková/4. What invent am I?
  6. 6.  It is thin and smooth material. It is made from recycleted fibres. First time it was made in China. First factories for it were in Spain next in Italy, France. From 16th century it was also in Czech country. It was cheaper then parchment but it had lower quality. It´s p money, cheques, bonds etc. There are different sizes: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, and A8. We produce from it: books, notebooks, newspapers and magazines. His predecessor was papyrus, parchment, stone, slate and silk. /Adam Křičenský/5. What invent am I?
  7. 7.  It is a writing tool, which uses column of soft and solid coloring substances fixed in case from hard material (wood). History: The predecessor of it was used since ancient times. It was silver or lead bar. The turn came in the 19th century, when it was replaced by a mixture of graphite with clay fired in the furnace. 8B is the softest graphite (9B it is natural graphite), hardest graphite is 10H Other types: Crayon Ink pen Carpenter pen Masonry pen /by: Ondra Kudrna/6. What invent am I?
  8. 8.  -Somebody invented me in 17th century . -People began to use me in 19th century . -First people made me from geese (feather) -Then people made me from metal . -After 1918 I was been filled by ink . -Lewis Edson Waterman invented me . -They made me as a ‚balltpaint‛ . -In 1889 I got certificate patent for my improving . -People use me for writing . /by: Zuzka Vávrová/7. What invent am I?
  9. 9.  It services for providing and writing photographs. It makes up for painted pictures. Today it is mainly „digital form‚. It writes down pictures in digital form. The picture can be immediately depicted on display. From display it can be played on computer or notebook,… People can note and record their videos…. In 1988 I was first invented it notes the photos to computer’s files In 1969 George Smith and Williard Boyle invented it. I am a great invent! /Ivana Teplá/8. What invent am I?
  10. 10.  The light bulb is a simple mechanism for transfomating the electric energy to light. History: It was invented by Thomas Alva Edison „light bulb‚ in 1879 but it was started to sell in 1881. But Edison is not the one who ivented the light bulb. Predecessor of Edison is Heinrich Gobel . We can date the first attempts to 1805. Vacuum valve was developed and light bulb then. It si vitreous and inside is a filament . /Ája Čermáková/10. What invent am I?
  11. 11.  -It is volume of sheets of paper, with words, sentences, often with pictures. -It is literary work of various people. -In this thing usually are fairy-tales, poetry, horrors, sci- fi, biography, textbooks… -Before me people wrote on parchment, but Johann Gutenberg invented press machine. -Today people write stories, tales, poems, and novels on the PC or by hand -You can this thing I a ….shop! /Tereza Šulajová/11. What invent am I?
  12. 12.  Hello friends, can you recognize our quizes? Write us please possible answers. We will send you the right… Your friends from the Czech republic.