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MatisseCut-Paper Designs
Matisse                  (Dec. 31, 1869 - Nov. 3, 1954)    In 1941 Matisse was diagnosed with cancer andfollowing surgery,...
Henri Matisse“Icarus”1943
Henri Matisse“Pierrot’s Funeral”1943
Henri Matisse“The Toboggan”1943
Henri Matisse“The Clown”1943
Henri Matisse“The Horse, The Rider and The Clown”1943
Henri Matisse“The Sword Swallower”1943-1944
Henri Matisse“Destiny”1943-1944
Henri Matisse“The Knife Thrower”1943-1944
Henri Matisse“The Lagoon”1946
Henri Matisse“Zulma”1950
Henri Matisse“Creole Dancer”1950
Henri Matisse“Chinese Fish”1951
Henri Matisse“Snow Flower”1951
Henri Matisse“Vegetables”1951
Henri Matisse“The Frog”1952
Henri Matisse“Blue Nude I”1952
Henri Matisse“Blue Nude II”1952
Henri Matisse“Christmas Eve”1952
Henri Matisse“Flowering Ivy”1953
Henri Matisse“The Sheaf”1953
Henri Matisse“Large Decoration With Masks”1953
Henri Matisse“The Snail”1953
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Matisse: Cut Paper Designs
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Matisse: Cut Paper Designs


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A showcase of Matisse cut-paper designs.

Published in: Education
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Matisse: Cut Paper Designs

  1. 1. MatisseCut-Paper Designs
  2. 2. Matisse (Dec. 31, 1869 - Nov. 3, 1954) In 1941 Matisse was diagnosed with cancer andfollowing surgery, started using a wheelchair. With theuse of assistants, Matisse started creating cut-outs. His assistants would paint sheets of white paper and hewould cut out coloured elements and place them onto paper.
  3. 3. Henri Matisse“Icarus”1943
  4. 4. Henri Matisse“Pierrot’s Funeral”1943
  5. 5. Henri Matisse“The Toboggan”1943
  6. 6. Henri Matisse“The Clown”1943
  7. 7. Henri Matisse“The Horse, The Rider and The Clown”1943
  8. 8. Henri Matisse“The Sword Swallower”1943-1944
  9. 9. Henri Matisse“Destiny”1943-1944
  10. 10. Henri Matisse“The Knife Thrower”1943-1944
  11. 11. Henri Matisse“The Lagoon”1946
  12. 12. Henri Matisse“Zulma”1950
  13. 13. Henri Matisse“Creole Dancer”1950
  14. 14. Henri Matisse“Chinese Fish”1951
  15. 15. Henri Matisse“Snow Flower”1951
  16. 16. Henri Matisse“Vegetables”1951
  17. 17. Henri Matisse“The Frog”1952
  18. 18. Henri Matisse“Blue Nude I”1952
  19. 19. Henri Matisse“Blue Nude II”1952
  20. 20. Henri Matisse“Christmas Eve”1952
  21. 21. Henri Matisse“Flowering Ivy”1953
  22. 22. Henri Matisse“The Sheaf”1953
  23. 23. Henri Matisse“Large Decoration With Masks”1953
  24. 24. Henri Matisse“The Snail”1953
  25. 25. for educational purposes only