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Turn ebook from pdf to e pub


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PDF to ePub Converter for Mac is Mac OS users' wise choice to convert eBook from PDF to ePub for easy reading on Sony Reader and Nook.

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Turn ebook from pdf to e pub

  1. 1. to convert eBook from PDF to ePub for Sony Reader and Nook.Title: Turn eBook from PDF to ePub for Sony Reader and Nook.Keywords: convert PDF to ePub, convert PDF to ePub on Mac, Mac PDF to ePubconverter, convert PDF to ePub for Mac, PDF to ePub converter for MacDescription: PDF to ePub Converter for Mac is Mac OS users wise choice to converteBook from PDF to ePub for easy reading on Sony Reader and Nook.Although there are so many eBook formats, in todays multimedia world, PDF andePub have become the main eBook formats that can be accepted by most populareBook reader devices such as iPod, iTouch, Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle3, andBarnes and Noble Nook, etc.ePub eBook whose text display can be optimized for the particular display deviceused by the reader allows its reader reading eBooks of this kind conveniently with thefull page displayed on the players screen. In this aspect, PDF eBook has its ownweakness, although PDF eBooks accuracy and coherence of layout and text can notbe denied, eBook with PDF format often can not be fully displayed on the playersscreen. Therefore, it is troublesome to zoom in and zoom out the size of eBook pagesin the reading process. Moreover, figures and equations in science eBook with PDFformat will not appear on Nook.In the matter of fact, a lot of the eBook lovers prefer reading ePub eBook to readingPDF eBook with their Sony Readers and Barnes& Noble Nook . And the developmentof multimedia technology and science gives birth to multimedia software to doconversion between PDF and ePub.iOrgsofts software PDF to ePub Converter for Mac act excellently to convert PDF toePub with original layout for Sony Reader and Nook. With this software, you havetwo choice to customize the output ePub eBook: either "text and image to ePub" or"each page as image to ePub". Besides, batch conversion as well as partial conversionenable you to convert any part of your PDF file to ePub format.Step by step to guide you convert PDF to ePub with PDF to ePub Converter forMac.To start up, you should download PDF to ePub Converter for Mac on your Mac,install and run this program.
  2. 2. STEP ONE: Import PDF fileDont forget that you can add more than one PDF file for conversion, and you canspecify the pages of the whole PDF file to convert by typing out the page NO. in"selected pages".
  3. 3. STEP TWO: Make choice between two options You can select to convert PDF to ePub text and image or convert PDF page to ePubimageSTEP THREE: Set a destination to save your output ePub eBook. You also have two choices: save target files in source folder or find anotherdestination to save your ePub files.STEP FOUR: Start conversion.
  4. 4. Just press button "convert" to start the PDF to ePub Conversion on your Mac.Note: If you are using a Windows PC, iOrgsoft PDF to ePub Converter is your wisechoice to convert PDF to ePub eBook for your Sony Reader and Nook. And it is saidthat ePub eBook will be accepted by the upcoming Amazon Kindle, so I believe ePubformat will keep its outstanding posture in eBook area.