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Social Media Assignment- Nissan Micra


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Social Media Assignment- Nissan Micra

  1. 1. NEW MEDIA LAUNCH CAMPAIGN For NISSAN MICRA Neha Arora- 80 Midhun Murali- 68 MBA (PR) SIMC-2010
  2. 2. Suggested Tagline YOU KNOW IT FITS MY CAR. MICRA
  3. 3. Micra in India •In 1.2L, 1.4L Petrol and 1.5L Diesel options •Launch: Second Quarter of 2010 •How Much: About Rs. 4 Lakh •May posses strong competition to Suzuki Swift and other cars in the same category.
  4. 4. Competition in India Engine Capacity Ground Price Range Mileage Max. Speed Special Features Cleara ( Approx. ) (in Test nce Conditions) Boasts roomy and premium Chevrolet Aveo U-VA 1150 cc 188 mm Rs. 4.0-5.0 Lac 11-12 km/l 148 km/h quality interior. Spacious Interiors & Chevrolet Beat 1248 cc 145 mm Rs. 4.30 Lakhs 13-14 km/l 160 km/h Beautiful Design. Small turning radius of Chevrolet Spark 995 cc 170 mm Rs. 3.0-4.0 Lac 14-15 km/l 150 km/h 4600 mm. 260 litres of boot space Fiat Palio Stile 1105 cc 170 mm Rs.3.50-4.25 Lac 12-13 km/l 131 km/h expandable upto 950 litres. Comfortable Height adjustable driver Fiat Grande Punto 1300 cc - Rs. 5 Lac - 165 km/h seat for better sitting posture Innovative and fuel Hyundai Getz 1341 cc 160 mm Rs. 4.50-5.50 Lac 13-14 km/l 147 km/h efficient 1.3 L SOHC engine New-age 1.1 L iRDE engine Hyundai i10 1086 cc 165 mm Rs. 3.50-5.00 Lac - - with electric control unit. More sporty from the Hyundai i20 1197 cc Rs. 5.00-6.00 Lac outside and more roomy from inside. Improved fuel efficiency, Hyundai Santro Xing 1086 cc 164 mm Rs. 3.0-4.50 Lac 12-13 km/l 141 km/h reduced emission, increased power.
  5. 5. Competition in India contd. Low cost & highly fuel- Maruti 800 796 cc 170 mm Rs. 2.0-2.25 Lac 13-14 km/l 144 km/h efficient. Equipped with ligth-weight Maruti A-Star 998 cc 170 mm Rs. 3.5-4.25 Lac 18-19 Km/l 155 km/h KB series engine for refined performance. Powered with 32-bit Maruti Alto 796 cc 160 mm Rs. 2.50-3.0 Lac 13-14 km/l 137 km/h computer technology. Bigger and better with Maruti Swift 1298cc 170 mm Rs. 4.0-5.50 lac 12-13 km/l 156 km/h European style looks. Roomy interiors, 32-Bit Maruti 1061 cc 165 mm Rs. 3.50-4.50 Lac 12-13 km/l 145 km/h Electronic Control WagonR Module (ECM) Ergonomically crafted seats Maruti Zen 993 cc 165 mm Rs. 3.50-4.00 Lac 11-12 km/l 145 km/h withrich upholstery Maruti Zen Sporty looks and roomy 1061 cc 165 mm Rs. 3.0-4.0 Lac 12-13 km/l 148 km/h Estilo space. Maruti Suzuki Smart Distributor Less 1197cc K12M 145 mm Rs. 4 to 4.5 Lacs - - Ritz Ignition (SDLI) system Eye catching looks with lots Skoda Fabia 1198 cc 146 mm Rs. 5.0 Lac of interior space. Microprocessor based Engine Tata Indica 1405 cc 170 mm Rs. 3.50-4.50 Lac 12-13 km/l 148 km/h Management System. Tata Nano 624 cc 180 mm Rs. 1.12-1.34 Lac 23 km/l 105 km/h Worlds cheapest car
  6. 6. Nissan India • Nissan Motors India Private Limited (NMIPL) is the subsidiary of Nissan Motor Company of Japan • Started its operations in India in 2005 • Launched Nissan X-Trail SUV, in 2005 and Nissan Teana sedan in 2007 • Along with Renault, NMIPL is setting up a manufacturing facility in Chennai to manufacture 200,000 cars per annum • The Chennai plant will also bewill manufacturing the Nissan Micra for the European market
  7. 7. Nissan Micra • The Micra is known for its reliability, excellent build quality, and user friendliness • Launched as Nissan K 10 in 1982 • Followed by K11, K11-C, K12, K12-C • European Car of the Year award for 1993 (the first Japanese car) • Next generation Micra (K13) will be manufactured in India also (means cost advantage)
  8. 8. Differentiating Factors • Brand Name- Nissan inspires trust • High Speed in the hatchback segment- 180 KM/H • Impressive design (Volkswagen Beatle inspired) • Cost Efficiency (Pricewise & fuel efficiency) • 10% more fuel efficiency than almost all competitors • The Credibility factor ( first model in 1982) • 20 variances • Durability- They’ve been running for more than two decades in other markets • ECCS (Electronic Concentrated Control System) fuel injection- Makes it safer
  9. 9. Objective To launch Micra in India. Our plan is to optimize and leverage online medium to the maximum extent. To carve a niche in the highly competitive hatchback segment in India.
  10. 10. Taking Inspiration- Competitor strategies Fiesta had an extensive online presence through facebook, flickr and you tube.
  11. 11. Ford Fiesta How many people can you fit in a Fiesta!
  12. 12. YouTube Presence Channel on YouTube!
  13. 13. Ford Fiesta- Twitter On twitter too!
  14. 14. Chevy’s Idea! A good idea but not well executed
  15. 15. Jeep Engaging with communities
  16. 16. Honda Beyond Videos- Honda Channel
  17. 17. Volkswagen Making iphones a part of the online plan
  18. 18. Existing Platforms Various Car communities already in place
  19. 19. Target Profiling • Raj, 28 year old has just been promoted as • Mr. Vinod Singh Rathod is a leading an assistant manager in a leading MNC. He businessman, age 55 is the father of Riya 18 has a fiancée and looking forward to get and Rahul 22. Rahul has just topped in his final married soon. They have been searching the year engineering. To celebrate this Mr. Rathod markets for the perfect car which fits their is planning on gifting his son his first car. budget and style quotient. • Mr. Krishnan has been a diligent saver for most of his life. At the age of 40, he is happily married with wife Asha and three kids aged 4,10 and 12. Now he is planning to invest his savings to buy a new car and sell his old Maruti 800. PS: SEC B&C
  20. 20. Brand Positioning • The brand tag line (brand positioning statement) is ‘ You Know it Fits. My car. Micra.’ This conveys the message that the car fits the target market in terms of size, design (style) and economic compatibility. The brand would be leveraged in terms of brand values and reputation of Nissan. The brand Micra will also emphasize on environmental sustainability by initiating and executing various CSR activities.
  21. 21. The IMC Plan • As a part of the launch campaign we are planning to do 60% PR activities and 40% advertisement. Further the PR plan with 70% online and 30% offline.
  22. 22. Leveraging the online medium On-Micra-Line • We call in applicants from all over India to participate in a competition to win a Micra. The main qualifying factor is their presence online- so that they can blog, tweet, post pictures, Facebook et al about Micra. 4 cars in all to be won (one from every region i.e, North, South, East, West)- A risky proposition, but a carefully weighted option.
  23. 23. Previous Nissan Strategies • Nissan is extremely active online. They have various sites and microsites for other Nissan cars in their Cube brand. • Application, themes, games and ringtones related to the theme ‘Cube’
  24. 24. Nissan Cube
  25. 25. Micra • Similarly they have a specific ‘tweet city’ for Micra on Twitter!
  26. 26. Social Media Plan- Micra India • We plan to continue with website and have a specific micro site for Micra featuring the following: o Evolution of Micra since 1982- A graphic timeline- a game based on the same- “Survival Instinct” highlighting durability of the car. The winner will get a Micra. o A page of the variances Micra available- 20 in total o Customers can view the car in their favourite colour under this. o A 360 degree view of the car’s inside.
  27. 27. Social Media Plan- Micra India o Jingles and games downloadable on mobile phones, mp3 players and I-phones o A Google map for the owners of Micra- to trace the path taken or the road travelled since they have owned the car o An interactive game on the site- a Farmville, Yoville (from facebook) kind of setup where the player by earning points can accessorize the car, buy petrol, get it serviced et al. o Micra Viral ads and downloadable jingles in official site.
  28. 28. Social Media Plan- Micra India • Similarly we are planning to initiate an Indian counter part of ‘Tweet City’ in the name ‘Micra Tweets’ – Invites Twitter users to enter their own details or others and tells them about the characteristics of their tweets. – Showcases the Micra and offers a chance to win one as a part of a database creation exercise.
  29. 29. Social Media Plan- Micra India • Apart from the accounts of the winners (facebook, twitter and blogs) A separate facebook fan page, a twitter account and a blog will be maintained (Open for the winners as well as enthusiasts) • A ‘tweet up’ can be arranged a few months after the launch to get together all satisfied customers for a ‘honk’ event. Where in the customers can meet up and enjoy the even organised by Nissan, followed by ‘honking’ all the cars.
  30. 30. Social Media Plan- Existing Communities Apart from setting up our own properties online its important to leverage existing communities. For eg. Honk
  31. 31. Social Media Plan- Existing Communities • A minimum visibility has to be maintained on these sites; tie ups can be explored. RSS feeds should be set up so that even through these communities a update on the Micra site can be accessed. • As part of a CSR initiative and keeping in mind the positioning of a small car (Micra- micro) we plan on promoting sustainability on the micro level. To support the same a link to ideas on how this is achievable will be provided on all online Micra sites. – An interactive community to be started on the same where enthusiasts are invited to leave their suggestions and calculate their ‘sustainable diligence’ level i.e., how environmentally conscious are they at an individual level.
  32. 32. Offline Strategies • The offline activities will be built largely to support the online activities. • Promote the winners of the On-Micra-Line through traditional medium. • Events to promote the CSR activity by tree plantation, garbage collection drives or an hour of ‘light out’ • Organizing the ‘Honking’ event • Blogger meets- where the bloggers can review a Micra Model.
  33. 33. Other IMC activities • Advertisements – 60% advertisement revenue will be spent on TVCs – 30% in print advertisements – 10% in radio • Hoardings/Flexes on prime locations like residential colonies and High profile colleges • Road shows titled ‘My Car. Micra’ will be conducted with facility to test drive for potential customers
  34. 34. Other IMC activities • Consumer Sales Promotion – Price discounts • Though there will not be any direct price discount on the car, free gifts in the form of accessories will be provided with the car. • Trade Sales Promotion – Incentives for Dealers • Special incentives for the dealers will be introduced. – Advanced training • Direct Marketing – Direct mail • Direct mails to the prospective clients from the database of previous customers as well as sales associates.
  35. 35. Other IMC activities – Telemarketing/SMS • Sales associates will be advised to call up potential clients and to fix appointments for test driving. By tying up with any mobile service providers, the details of test drive and offers will be publicised through SMSs. • Public Relations/Publicity Activities – Events • Different events will be organised related to the launch of the product. Celebrities will be invited for the same and hence publicised through local as well as national media. – Press releases & Press conferences • Press releases and press conferences related to the launch.
  36. 36. Thank You Neha Arora-80 Midhun Murali- 068