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  1. 1. Hummer By: Tiffany Scott Period 2 Mrs.Maines
  2. 2. Design features in effect with Fuel Economy Morbit The fuel economy for hummers are kind of poor for this moment in time Checks in at 14 mpg city/18 mpg and highway is 15 mpg Provides a smooth ride and is very comfortable seating for a$ passengers Helps deliver an exce$ent balance of performance
  3. 3. Aspects of the Engine Wheel Base: 130 in Length: 184.5 in Width: 86.5 in Height: 77 in Czech Policeman Mileage: 15,000 miles (45% of highway/meters) Engine: 3.7 liters # of Valves: 16 Displacement: 6199/378
  4. 4. Aspects on the Engine continued... Anatoli Axerod Transmission: automatic Drive: 4 wheel drive Miles Per Ga$on: 5.9 Cost Per Ga$on: $2.79 Standard Engine: 6.2 liters V8 Standard Transmission: 6 speed Cylinder: 8 Horse Power: @ RPM: 393 @ 5700
  5. 5. Aspects of the Engine continued... Estimated Miles: 6,000 EPA: Class: standard 4 wheel drive pickup Styles: 4 door pick up truck 2 door pick up truck Kidkodak 4 door wagon 4 door convertible
  6. 6. Body of the Hummer whole some headlights tail lights mechanical mirrors 30-40% more horse power under a$ the hoods reaches about 60 mph in about 10 seconds M.Alreshaid easily to handle at 70 mph on and off highway driving roads and areas built very substantia$y creates great comfort
  7. 7. Amount of fuel required for the Hummer Huey 2006 26 ga$ons for the main type of fuel or gas 17 ga$ons for auxi$ary types of fuels or gases
  8. 8. More efficient Features the many different features help out with before driving, during driving, and a-er driving on impact. very good off road civilian Bah Humbug
  9. 9. Effects on Gas Mileage Mr. Lootah not rea$y because the hummers wheel alignment is very easily adjusted with the factors that wi$ have a positive effect against the gas mileage. the liters are not designed to expand lineary the gas price and amount gives the same amount of miles as any other car