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Volkswagen POLO India

  1. 1. •If you find your Maruti Swift tossing and turning in herbed tonight, be sure that a Volkswagen Polo has passedby your house today morning. Yes, there is a strong andtough Maruti competitor in the market.• After Skoda Fabia and Hyundai i-series models, theVolkswagen Polo is definitely a car that will make a bigdifference in consumer buying patterns. Cool looks,defined features and above all – “the brandVolkswagen” with “the GERMAN ENGINEERING.”
  2. 2. •Volkswagen Polo is one of the best looking hatchbacks in theIndian car market today•Polo has understated looks with a very contemporary newdesign with a slightly wide and balanced stance.• Volkswagen Polo has spacious interiors and comes with goodinterior build quality.•Volkswagen Polo has includes features such as tilt and telescopicadjustable power steering, power windows, CD and MP3 stereomusic system with 4 speakers, front armrests and has plenty ofstorage areas within and a large boot space of 280 liters.•The pricing combined with the German build quality makes itgood value for the money that you are paying for this hatchback.
  3. 3. • Great looks• Great build quality• Excellent ride and handling• Good fuel economy (diesel)•Amazing power steering•good suspension.•Polo also offers remote keyless central locking thatincludes remote window up/down on the highline,which is unique in the segment.
  4. 4. Exterior Features:* Body coloured bumpers* Chrome strip in front grill* Galvanized body with 6 years anti-corrosion warranty* Green tinted heat absorbing glass* Halogen headlights* 14” steel wheels with full wheel covers
  5. 5. Interior Features:* Gear shift knob and interior door handles in chrome* Storage compartment in front doors* Sunglass storage inside glove box* Single folding rear seat backrest* 3 Grab handles above doors, folding, with coat hooks
  6. 6. Safety Features:* Front disc brakes* Height adjustable headrests front and 2 headrests rear* Electronic anti-theft immobilizer* Interior rear view mirror, manual day/night* High mounted third brake light
  7. 7. Comfort Features:* Central locking with boot opener in company logo* Digital clock, fuel gauge, warning lights for high coolanttemperature and low oil pressure* Front intermittent wipers* Fuel lid with push style opening and central locking* Instrument cluster with tachometer, speedometer, odometer,trip odometer* Outside rear view mirror driver & passenger side, manuallyadjustable from inside, convex Power steering* Power windows front* Radio preparation includes roof antenna and partial pre wiring* Steering wheel tilt & telescopic adjustable* 14” steel spare wheel
  8. 8. •As a relatively recent entry into the Indian automotive market, VW needed to raise brand awareness.•To address this challenge, Volkswagen’s marketing team focusedone of its key brand pillars, innovation, to make a strong impact throughout the roll-out in India.•Innovation was showcased not only in Volkswagen’s productintroductions.
  9. 9. •Lacks performance (1.2 P)•Cramped interior•Not as feature loaded as rivals•Cost of ownership needs to improve.•Improve fuel efficiency and look into customer satisfaction
  10. 10. Aesthetic appealHighly engineered performanceSafetyPricePremium FeelBrand Image of VWGreat fuel efficiency of 20 km per liter ( Highway) for the diesel variantsPositive Word of Mouth.Three Variants ( Trend / Comfort / Highline)
  11. 11. CAR Volkswage Maruti Hyundai Honda SkodaFACTORS n Polo Swift i20 Jazz FabiaEx-showroom Rs.4,47,89 Rs. 4,75,576 Rs. 4,67,253   Rs. 6,12,449 Rs.4,96,44Price 3    0 Displacement 1198 cc   1197 cc   1197 cc   1198 cc 1198 cc  75PS @ 87PS @ 84PS @ 90PS @ 75 PS @Power 5400rpm   6000rpm   6000rpm   6200rpm   5400 rpm  110Nm 114Nm @ 114Nm@4000 110Nm@37Torque 110@4800 @3750rpm   4000rpm   rpm   50rpm  Ground 168 mm   170 mm   165 mm   160 mm 158 mm  ClearanceBoot Space 280   232   295   366   315  Mileage 16.25 17.24 kmpl   18.6 kmpl   18.5 kmpl   16.7 kmpl  Overall kmpl 
  12. 12. CAR Volkswage Honda Toyota Chevrol Hyundai n Civic Corolla et Cruze ElantraFACTORS Jetta AltisEx- Rs. 11,00,148 Rs. 12,51,000showroom Rs. 13,60,000   Rs.12,59,6 Rs.12,85,24    Price 00   3 Displaceme 1398 cc   1799 cc   1794 cc   1998 cc   1797 cc  nt 122PS @ 5000 132 PS @ 140PS @ 166 Ps @ 149.5 PS @Power rpm 6300 rpm   6400rpm   3800 rpm  6500rpm   200Nm @1500 172Nm @ 173Nm @ 380 Nm @ 104 Nm @Torque rpm 4300rpm   4000rpm   2000 rpm   4700rpmGround 152 mm   170 mm   176 mm   165 mm 185 mm  ClearanceBoot Space 520   405   475   450 420  Mileage 14.9kmpl   14.8 kmpl   14.53 kmpl   17.3 kmpl   16.3 kmpl  Overall
  13. 13. CAR Volkswage Honda Toyota Skoda Volvo n Passat Accord Camry Superb S60 D3FACTORS KineticEx- Rs. Rs.25,28,205   Rs. Rs. Rs.showroom 21,90,700 23,80,000   21,46,330   25,57,000Price  Displacemen 1968 cc   2354 cc   2494 cc   1798 cc  1984 cc  t 170PS @ 180PS @ 181PS @ 160PS @ 163bhp @Power 3500rpm   4200rpm   6500rpm   6000rpm   6200rpm   350Nm @ 222Nm @ 233Nm @ 250Nm @ 400Nm @Torque 2750 rpm 1750rpm   4300rpm   4100rpm   4500 rpmGround 150 mm   155 mm   160 mm   158 mm  130 mm  ClearanceBoot Space 485   450   515 565 380  Mileage 11.7 kmpl 18.33 kmpl   12.98 kmpl   13.67 kmpl   17.24 kmpl  Overall  
  14. 14. Variants Transmission Engine Description Mileage Power ACCity HighwayIPL II 1.2 Petrol Highline (Petrol) Manual 1198cc3 Cylinder 12 Valve 14.12 17.24 73.9bhp @ 5400rpmPetrol Comfortline 1.2L (Petrol) Manual 1198cc3 Cylinder 12 Valve 14.12 17.24 73.9bhp @ 5400rpmPetrol Highline 1.2L (Petrol) Manual 1198cc3 Cylinder 12 Valve 14.12 17.24 73.9bhp @ 5400rpmPetrol Highline 1.6L (Petrol) Manual 1598cc4 Cylinder 16 Valve 12.13 15.26 103.5bhp @ 5250rpmPetrol Trendline 1.2L (Petrol) Manual 1198cc3 Cylinder 12 Valve 14.12 17.24 73.9bhp @ 5400rpmDiesel Comfortline 1.2L (Diesel) Manual 1199cc3 Cylinder 12 Valve 19.03 22.07 73.9bhp @ 4200rpmDiesel Highline (Diesel) Manual 1199cc3 Cylinder 12 Valve 19.03 22.07 73.9bhp @ 4200rpmDiesel Highline 1.2L (Diesel) Manual 1199cc3 Cylinder 12 Valve 19.03 22.07 73.9bhp @ 4200rpmDiesel Trendline 1.2L (Diesel) Manual 1199cc3 Cylinder 12 Valve 19.03 22.07 73.9bhp @ 4200rpmIPL II 1.2 Diesel Highline (Diesel) Manual 1199cc3 Cylinder 12 Valve 19.03 22.07 73.9bhp @ 4200rpm
  15. 15. Volkswagen pursues its goal of becoming the number one automaker in theworld by 2018Famously known for its Beetle – one of the best selling cars of all time atover 21 million units.In a bid to move beyond the Beetle :Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, SEAT, Skoda and VW.Entered Indian market in 2001 with launch of Skoda.Audi and Volkswagen brands launched in 2007.Two group companies – Volkswagen India & VGSIPL. The VW Group also owns 49.9% of Porsche and set to take 100% ownershipin the near future.
  16. 16.  PriceTargeted mainly for the luxury segment in the Indian market.Plan to capture bigger market through the VW Polo and Vento.
  17. 17. ISSUESCaters mainly to luxury segment.Higher price range – except Skoda Fabia.Lack of brand awareness among Indian consumers.Lack of aggressive marketing in earlier phases.
  18. 18. In the 4 door mid-luxury segment - Market leader Honda City.Vento Introduced in 2010 Beaten the Honda City as the number 1 selling car in that segment The Vento’s success Honda lagging VW bringing the right product to the market, namely a diesel engine. With petrol prices only going up VW was right to tap into the Indian psyche of affordability.
  19. 19.  Volkswagen India has smartly priced this car. Manual petrol version 2 variants, either base or top which has a huge price gap of around one lakhs INR. Base model (Trendline) lacks many features and at this price there are many other options available in the market which offer more features and are more refined and powerful in comparison to it. Petrol version of Vento is capable to beat City in any department. Diesel Version It’s the diesel version which sets the stage on fire. At this price what you get is : highly refined powerful fuel efficient car German engineering at its best. This car is completely value for money and it looks smart enough to turn heads
  20. 20.  Volkswagen - Indian market in 2010. Polo, a premium hatchback Looks, comfort and performance. Built quality as well. It mainly competes with the Maruti Swift, Hyundai i10, Fiat Punto etc. Polo has been a winner for Volkswagen and is reportedly the most demanded Volkswagen model in the Indian market.
  21. 21.  There are 6 variants. 3 premium segments Trendline, Comfortline and Highline. 4.3-6.5 lakhs -petrol models 5.5-7.4 lakhs -diesel models. The German build and brand name has definitely given Polo an advantage in its segment together with the features it offers. 
  22. 22.  The base model of Polo starts under five lakh rupees Quite competitively placed but it offers fewer features than its rivals. Surely a head turner, its capable enough to grab attention in public. This is the only USP of this car. Relatively high price of its 1.6 version and diesel versions – it’s not a value for money car. It is not as powerful as other hatchbacks in its class. At this price what you get is a car from German makers which is strongly built and looks sophisticated. There is another issue; there is huge gap in prices of these three variants from each other. It gives advantage to other cars to fit into these gaps. Looking at its quality, fresh look and superior German engineering, this car should be able to get a good number of buyers, especially youth.
  23. 23.  Thank You
  24. 24.  Aditya K Gautam D Sneh Saya Deepesh Kandarp Tushar