IA summit 2010: Conversion Rates | What makes them convert?


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  • Experiments that I did at Bargain.
  • Experiments that I did at Bargain.
  • Experiments that I did at Bargain.
  • IA summit 2010: Conversion Rates | What makes them convert?

    1. 1. Conversion Rates Small design tweaks that make a difference Kejun Xu Information Architect | User Experience Designer IA Summit 2010 | Phoenix, AZ
    2. 2. Background - Bargain Network, Inc. - Membership based foreclosure listing service - Online registration form to convert organic/paid search traffic - Usability testing, Surveys, A/B Testing, etc.
    3. 3. What do others do out there? GoToMyPC
    4. 4. lynda.com
    5. 5. MailChimp
    6. 6. What do you think is the most important in web conversion?
    7. 7. The Art of Persuasion Rhetoric - the art of persuasion. Ethos - credibility of the source of communication. Logos - the proof of truth through reasonable argument. Pathos - the stirring of emotion in the individuals.
    8. 8. User Experience Goes Deep
    9. 9. Professionalism Answer users’ questions Usability Call to action but push soft Web real estate above the fold Social validation Provide a unique user experience
    10. 10. Professionalism versus
    11. 11. Professionalism Sample: 30 days of conversion rates Set 1: conversion rates based on the total unique visitors Set 2: conversion rates based on the 1st page of registration Set 1: 1A% vs. 1B% (1A>1B) Set 2: 2A% vs. 2B% (2A>2B)
    12. 12. Professionalism T‐test is a widely used inferential statistical test to look at the significance of the difference between two independent samples.
    13. 13. Professionalism Set 1 T-Test: Set 2 T-Test:
    14. 14. Usability
    15. 15. Answer Users’ Questions
    16. 16. Answer Users’ Questions Three week’s data: The drop off from reg 2 to confirmation page decreased from 1.8%.
    17. 17. Call to Action but Push Soft
    18. 18. Call to Action but Push Soft
    19. 19. Call to Action but Push Soft Launch date: 7/9/2009 A week before & after: Bounce rate decreased 10.7%
    20. 20. Real Estate above the Fold Launch date: 7/16/2009 A week before & after: Bounce rate decreased from 14.2% to 12.1%. Before After
    21. 21. Social Validation Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death on the street while 38 witnesses watched and did nothing to help. Social scientists became fascinated by what they called the "Bystander Effect" and a whole series of research studies began to study why it is that people will take action to help when they are by themselves, but not if they are part of a group. Queens NY in 1964, Kitty Genovese murder Susan Weinschenk, 2009
    22. 22. Social Validation “I’ve seen your recruiting ads, so I know you are legitimate.” - Usability testing participant
    23. 23. Social Validation
    24. 24. What makes them stay?
    25. 25. What is the unique user experience that we can provide to our users to drive conversion & retention?
    26. 26. What is Our Niche?
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