CIPR Social Summer 2013 Online Community Management - Michelle Goodall


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There is a world of difference between 'doing social media' and 'community management'.

Social networks that need to make money – like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – don't necessarily make building, developing, maintaining and governance within a community easy.

A brief overview of community management fundamentals and best practice examples, the business value it can bring to organisations and some of the tools and techniques to make your community management as effective as possible.

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CIPR Social Summer 2013 Online Community Management - Michelle Goodall

  1. 1. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM   Community  management  -­‐  the   difference  between  'doing  social   media'  and  being  an  effec8ve   #CMGR   Michelle  Goodall  @greenwellys  –  MCIPR         4th  July  2013   SOCIAL   SUMMER  
  2. 2. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Hello  –  I’m  Michelle  Goodall   @greenwellys   | May 2013| 2 | Trainer: Michelle Goodall ©, Online PR/social media consultant
  3. 3. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   •  Social  Media  v  Community  Management?   •  Best  practice   •  Measurement  &  ROI   •  Tools  and  techniques   Click  to  edit  Master  title  style  
  4. 4. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   A  group  of  people  who  form  relationships  over  a   common  interest     What  is  a  community?  
  5. 5. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   A  group  of  people  who  are  motivated  to  form   relationships  online  (and  offline!)  over  a  common  interest     So  an  online  community  is…  
  6. 6. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Practice   Shared  strong  motivations  based  on…   Place   Lifestages/circumstance   Interests/Passions   Problems/Goals  
  7. 7. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Different  community  member  types…   Lurker?   Newbie?   Regular?   Troll?   Expert?   Firefighter?   Misguided?   Self-­‐Promoter?  
  8. 8. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   With  different  motivations…   To  get  something  for  nothing  To  make   connec8ons   To  sense  check  my  knowledge   To  let  off  steam   Persuade  others   To  collaborate  with  others   To  get  myself  known   Altruism   To  learn  from  others  
  9. 9. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   The  ‘4  Ages’  of  community   Usenet  1980’s   Forums  and  Grouped   Web  Pages–  mid  1990’s   Social  Networks  and  Open  Source   PlaBorms  –  2001/2003  onwards   Customer     CommuniGes  
  10. 10. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Many  different  types  of  community   Private  customer/   stakeholder     communiGes   (non  brand)  Fan  communiGes                                                      etc…   Company  sponsored  collaboraGve   customer  community   (brand)  Fan  communiGes  
  11. 11. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Social  networks  the  community   platform  of  choice  for  many…   But,  they  aren’t  necessarily  the  best   or  easiest  to  use  online   community  tools/plaTorms…  
  12. 12. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Social  Media  or  Community   Management?  Is  it  just  semantics?     •  ‘Social  Object’   content   •  Loose  network   •  Primarily  hub   and  spoke   engagement   between   content   creator/admin   and  members     •  Shared  aims/purpose   •  Distributed  leadership  or  a  more  complex   leadership  system   •  Core  membership   •  Higher  %age  of  Inter  member  interac8on     •  Rela8vely  stable  and  ac8ve  
  13. 13. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Community  Managers…   Operate  from  deep  within  the  company,  managing  customer   relationships  with  a  brand  or  product,  and  each  other.       Facilitates  efficient  inter-­‐team/staff  communication  and   collaboration.  Focuses  on  the  flow  of  information  and   knowledge,  strengthening  relationships  and  promoting   productive  collaboration,  which  may  include  moderation  and   hosting  the  company’s  community  platform.     Placement  within  the  Organisation  chart  is  more  likely  to  be   connected  to  Editorial,  Product  development,  Business   development,  and  Marketing.  
  14. 14. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Social  Media  Managers   Operate  from  the  edges  of  the  company,  managing  brand   recognition/reputation  outside  of  the  scope  of  the  brand  website.     Focused  on  listening  and  evaluating  brand  perception,  planning   campaigns  and  promotional  initiatives  to  promote  the  company’s   message,  building  and  leveraging  social  networks  on  social   platforms  such  as  Twitter  &  Facebook  to  facilitate  depth  of   communication.     Usually  be  found  within  the  Organisation  chart  connected  to   Marketing,  PR,  and  Sales.   Source:  An  interview  with  Blaise  Grimes  Viort   h_p://­‐dimauro/842111/social-­‐media-­‐manager-­‐vs-­‐online-­‐community-­‐ manager-­‐same-­‐or-­‐different  
  15. 15. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Their  KPIs…   •  Drive  ‘leads’   •  Raise  visibility   and  awareness   •  Increase   engagement   •  Impact  sales   Community   Manager     Social  Media   Manager     •  Customer   service   •  Facilitate/ Improve  inter-­‐ member   ‘customer   service’   •  Feedback  into     product/service   development   •  Increase   product  usage   •  Increase  loyalty  
  16. 16. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   But,  in  many  organisations  there  is   often  one  role…   Ma#  Owen  –  Head  of  Social  -­‐  Econsultancy   …supported  by  wider  team  
  17. 17. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   However  you  define  it  –  SMM  or   CMGR’s  strategic  role  is  to…   PURPOSE   ADVOCACY   BUSINESS   CASE  
  18. 18. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   1.  A  strategic  tool  for  uncovering  business  insights.   2.  Managing  the  influencers  who  are  driving  the   conversation  around  your  brand.   3.  Marketing  that  provides  value  and  turns   customers  into  evangelists.   4.  A  critical  component  of  customer  care.   5.  Transforming  your  organization  to  meet  the   transparency  and  humanity  customers  now   expect  of  brands.   Social  media  definition  
  19. 19. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013     Community  Management  definition   1.  Executive  in  the  company  who  acts  as  an   ambassador  of  the  company/brand  on  the  web.   2.  The  building  and  monitoring  of  multiple   communities  generated  in  blogs,  forums,  social   networks   3.  Becoming  the  authorised  voice  of  the  company   4.  Aptitude  and  the  ability  to  make  decisions   regarding  the  company's  image  or  brand  
  20. 20. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Summary   •  Online  community  =  group  of  people   motivated  to  form  relationships  over  a   common  interest     •  ‘4  Ages’   •  Community  v  Social  Media  –  not  just   semantics…   •  …but  a  single  role  in  many  organisations   •  Strategic  role:  Business  Case,  Purpose,   Advocacy  
  21. 21. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Online  Community  Best   Practice  
  22. 22. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   1.  A  genuine  need   2.  Clear  aims  (internal  &  external)   3.  Understanding  role  of  company  or   organisation   4.  Understanding  audiences/ stakeholders/community  members     –  motivations  and  behaviours   5.  Understanding  community  and   member  lifecycle   The  10  secret  ingredients…  
  23. 23. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   6.  Long  term  investment  –  not  just  short   term  KPIs   7.  Resource  –  sponsor,  skilled  #CMGR,  go   to  contacts  for  engagement  at  scale   8.  The  right  tools  for  content  creation/ curation  and  management   9.  Bridge  online  and  offline  where   possible   10. Above  all…”create  a  culture  of  WE”  –   an  “Eco  System  not  an  Ego  system”   The  10  secret  ingredients…  
  24. 24. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   First  of  all…how  not  to  do  it   h_p://­‐cayenne-­‐red-­‐and-­‐their-­‐scam.html  
  25. 25. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   …and  how  really  not  to  do  it…  
  26. 26. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Econsultancy  
  27. 27. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Econsultancy   create   curate   innovate  
  28. 28. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Econsultancy  
  29. 29. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Econsultancy  
  30. 30. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Econsultancy  
  31. 31. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   •  An  on  and  offline  community   •  Community  of  practice,  goals,  problems   •  Core  platforms  Blog,  Twitter,  Facebook,  G+   •  Presence  on  all  relevant  SM  channels  and   experimenting  with  tools/technology   •  SMM/CMGR  supported  by  wider  team  and  ‘go   to’  people   •  Constantly  measuring  ROI,  evaluating,   iterating   Summary  
  32. 32. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Hiut  Denim   •  Community  of   purpose  and   place…not  just   of  interest  
  33. 33. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Hiut  Denim  
  34. 34. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Hiut  Denim  
  35. 35. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Hiut  Denim  
  36. 36. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Hiut  Denim  
  37. 37. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   •  An  on  and  offline  community   •  Community  of  place  and  purpose…not  just   interest   •  Core  platforms  Blog  (Tumblr),  Twitter,   Instagram,  G+  (no  Facebook!)   •  Curating  and  scrapbooking  –  not  looking  for   high  engagement  but  to  reinforce  company   culture  and  community   Summary  
  38. 38. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   •  Set  the  tone   •  Create  a   welcoming  space   •  Build   relationships  over   time     “Create  a  culture  of  WE…”  
  39. 39. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   •  Learn  what   generates   discussion/activity   •  Create  an   environment  for  all   members  (newbies   -­‐>  experts)     “Create  a  culture  of  WE…”  
  40. 40. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   •  Moderation  –  firm   but  fair  (and  legal!)   •  Fix  it  when  you  get   it  wrong   “Create  a  culture  of  WE…”  
  41. 41. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   How  do  you  measure  a   community  
  42. 42. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   If  you’re  doing  it  this  way…  
  43. 43. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   •  PR  metrics:  advocacy,  influence,  reach,   recognition,  sentiment  etc...  ?   •  Market  insight/research?  Better   segmentation?   •  Customer  satisfaction?   •  Direct  sales  conversions?     •  Website  traffic?   •  ‘Assisted’  conversions?   You  should  be  thinking  differently  
  44. 44. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   One  approach…   Business  Goals   ROI  use  cases   Service  and  Support   Customer  Service  call/contact  deflecGon  (cost  savings)   Knowledgebase  ownership  –  improve  quality  of  knowledgebase   Insights  &  InnovaGon   Research  –  cost  savings  on  qualita8ve  and  quanta8ve  research   Time  to  market  –  cost  savings  by  decreasing  TTM  via  customer/ stakeholder  input   ID  potenGal  brand/PR  issues  –  decrease  lead  8me  in  IDing  and  at   an  earlier  stage   Loyalty   Increased  customer  saGsfacGon  and  loyalty/brand  affinity  –   improved  customer  life8me  value   Awareness   Increase  in  reach  –  posi8ve  effect  on  SEO  and  online  reach   Sales   Lead  GeneraGon   AdverGsing/SubscripGons   Cross  and  upselling  –  higher  revenues  from  direct  /indirect     Source:  Oracle’s  Best  Prac=ces  for  Measuring  the  Return  on  Investment  of  Online  Communi=es  
  45. 45. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Community  health  metrics   •  Growth   •  Interaction   •  Engagement  (esp.  inter-­‐member)   •  ‘Atmosphere’   Etc…  
  46. 46. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Third  party  platform  insights  
  47. 47. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Your  owned  on-­‐site  community   •  Views  and  Who  is?   •  Popular  content/ Social  shares   •  Engagement  and   advocates   •  Effect  on  sales/ loyalty/basket  value   etc.   •  A/B  and  multivariate   information   Etc…  
  48. 48. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Essential  Tools  
  49. 49. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Competitor  analysis  
  50. 50. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Network/content  analysis  
  51. 51. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Community  Management  
  52. 52. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Community  Management   Source:  Smart  Insights  
  53. 53. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Content  Curation  –  Twitter  search/lists  
  54. 54. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Content  Curation  –  RSS  readers  
  55. 55. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   SEO  
  56. 56. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Content  calendar   Source:  h_p://­‐marke8ng-­‐editorial-­‐calendar/  
  57. 57. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Social  media  sizing  cheat  sheet   Source:  h_p://­‐social-­‐media-­‐sizing-­‐cheat-­‐sheet/  
  58. 58. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   Platform  Ts  &  Cs  knowledge  
  59. 59. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM  Copyright  Michelle  Goodall  2013   •  Create  a  “culture  of  WE”  “Eco  system  not  Ego   system”   •  Align  Community  Measurements  to  Business   Goals   •  Many  planning,  curation,  management,   measurement  tools  (at  many  price  points)  –   choose  what’s  right   •  Content  planner  and  knowledge  of  third  party   platform  changes  and  Ts  &  Cs  required   Summary  
  60. 60. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM   Thanks…please  connect                                            @greenwellys                                                                                                                                
  61. 61. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM   Image  credits   Slide  4:   Slide  7&8:  h_p://   Slide  15:  h_p://   Slide  22&23:  h_p://        
  62. 62. #CIPRSM  #CIPRSM   Thank  you  for  attending     Find  out  more  at­‐summer   SOCIAL   SUMMER