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VoIP for Business


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Save up to 70 % on your VoIP Business Phone Systems.'s Business VoIP Service connects business calls to you and your staff anywhere, anytime!

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VoIP for Business

  1. 1. A Business Number that ConnectsYourTeam
  2. 2. Save up to 70 % on your Business Phone Service
  3. 3. When it comes to choosing how to communicate with customers and clients, small business owners realize the importance of having a phone line. However, most owners are not fully aware that business VoIP phone systems come with a variety of cost effective phone features that help to maintain a well-organized communication system in a business environment. At a fraction of the cost of AT&T and Verizon,’s VoIP Business Phone Systems and Service connects business calls to you and your staff anywhere, anytime!
  4. 4. Using call routing, we can send calls to your toll free number out to any phone, unifying your business under one number. No more giving out multiple cell or business phone numbers.
  5. 5. Your staff can even dial out using your toll free number as Caller ID!
  6. 6. • Choose your toll free number. • Create extensions and call handling rules for your staff. • Direct callers to the correct extension with an audio menu.
  7. 7. Create endless “virtual” extensions for every employee, each with a separate username and password to login and manage their own inbox and extension settings.
  8. 8. VoIP for Business -