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Presentacion pilar garcia


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Published in: Education
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Presentacion pilar garcia

  1. 1. Our friends the termites
  2. 2. DEFINITION <ul><li>Termites  (also known as white ant) is a member of the order Isoptera, a Latin term that refers to the fact that adult termites have a pair of wings of equal size
  3. 3. They are a group of  social insects  that eat wood and  </li></ul>other cellulose-rich materials.
  4. 4. KIND OF TERMITES <ul><li>The males and responsible females of  </li></ul>fertilization develop wings during the time of reproduction.
  5. 5.   the soldiers   are characterized by a very large head and sold massive jaws THE SOLDIERS
  6. 6. THE LIFE OF TERMITES <ul><li>Termites live in galleries dug in the ground or built with earth  mounds and saliva, which reach several meters high, feeding on wood and paper and they are very voracious, so it falls short of true pest in tropical regions where they live. </li></ul>
  7. 7. BENEFITS OF TERMITES <ul><li>Termites mostly feed on dead plant mineral type, usually in wood, leaves, soil or animal manure. Termites are major detritivores, especially in the subtropical and tropical regions, and recycling of wood and others plant matter are of  considerable ecological importance. </li></ul>