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Instagram for Local Businesses


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How to Use Instagram to Market Your Local Business

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Instagram for Local Businesses

  1. 1. HOW TO USE Presented byINSTAGRAM TO PROMOTE Megan Corwin L o c a l Mo t i ve s M a r k e t i n g YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS
  2. 2. WHY INSTAGRAM FOR YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS? According to DigitalBuzz Blog, a new user signs up for Instagram every second! A picture really is worth a thousand words – visual communications and marketing are increasing in popularity Instagram features such as hashtags and locations allow you to find and follow local prospects
  3. 3. CONTENT – WHAT SHOULD I POST? No need for a special camera – your iPhone will work fine. There are lots of apps for you can use to make great images. Content ideas: your products in use, your offices and employees, the making of your products, etc. Mix up your images. Don’t spam your followers by just posting images of your products. Take photos of other local businesses you like (and be sure to tag them) and nearby attractions . Adding variety keeps your Instagram feed fresh and from being to sales-y. If you plan to only use existing images from your product catalog, Pinterest may be a better fit for you.
  4. 4. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Add the location to the image.  When uploading your image to Instagram, you have the option to add the photo to your Image Map. In addition to using this feature to tag your business’s physical location, add the location when uploading images of local events, sports games, parks, etc. Others who have been to the location may browse images based on location and find your Instagram feed.
  5. 5. USE HASHTAGS TO GROW YOUR REACH Use hashtags relevant to your location. Many Instagram users use hashtags such as their area code, zip code, or city name. For example, Columbus Ohio businesses might use the hashtags #614, #43215, and #columbus. Also, a frequent hashtag for local Instagram users is the prefix igers followed by the city name. Such as # igerscolumbus. Look around and see what hashtags people in your area are using.
  6. 6. GET INVOLVED Follow local Instagrammers, and like/comment on their posts. Don’t comment about your business, but rather tell them what you like about their photos. You aren’t using comments to sell, but to build an awareness and relationship with this person.
  7. 7. GET INVOLVED Reply to users who comment on your images.  If someone comments on one of your images, be sure to thank them for stopping by and answer any questions they may have. Like other social platforms, Instagram is a conversation. For extra points, go to the account of the user who left you a message and like/comment on a few of their images.
  8. 8. FOR MORE INFORMATIONPresented by Megan CorwinInternet Marketing StrategistLocalMotives MarketingWeb: http://localmotivesmarketing.comTwitter: @mcorwinInstagram: @megancorwin