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Research Paper

  1. 1. Grace McAdoryNovember 18th 2011Mrs. CorbettAmerican Literature GlobalX GlobalX is theworldwide associationof North Point Ministries Incorporated. Thecompany holds partnershipswith thirteen countries around the world in order to spread the valuesof leading people into a personalconnection with Jesus Christ. GlobalXas a whole developsexcellent missionaries, a strong upliftingexperience, and ultimately spiritual enlightenment all ina safe and secure environment. First off, in 1995 North Point Community Church was founded by Andy Stanley. Stanleybeing a very influential pastor, communicator, and author launched North Point Ministriesbelieving that it had the potential to become very successful. Soon after the church’s launch, itquickly became one of the most innovative and impactful church organizations in the world. InGeorgia alone, there are four North Point branch campuses including Buckhead, Browns Bridge,Gwinnett, and Watermarke. Over twenty thousand people attend all five Metro Atlanta locationsevery Sunday for worship, detailed insight, and an unforgettable sermon. That makes North PointMinistries the largest church in the Atlanta area and the second largest in the United States.These campuses, along with many other related churches across the United States, pool theirresources for international missions like GlobalX. The organization has grown by leaps in
  2. 2. McAdory2bounds; tripling the number of applicants from its beginning in 1995 to the present day. TheMinistry organization also plans on broadening the number of churches in not only Georgia butalso internationally in order to expand the GlobalX community. Secondly, amissionary is “a person sent by a church into an area to carry on evangelismor other activities, as educational or hospital work” ( A general mission trip thata missionary commits to pertains mostly to doing service work in order to ultimately spreadGod’s love and grace on a global scale. The work that one must uphold varies within eachindividual trip, but the labor usually consists of painting houses, feeding the hungry, cleaning uppolluted areas, and building better environments as a whole for the town/area. Generally,missionaries congregate in shanty towns. A shanty town is known as, “a section, as of a city ortown, characterized by shanties and crudely built houses” ( Missionaries take ona dangerous challenge staying in or around the shanty towns due to crime, disease, and wildanimals. There are no showers, baths, and usually no toilets. Food poisoning can also occur inthe towns due to lack of equipment and or lack of not cleaning or processing food correctly.However, mission trips are not just based off of hard labor. Most missionaries develop closerelationships with the citizens in the specific town at which they are staying in; relationshipsbegin to be occurring on a more personal level, and the goodbyes are said to never easy. GlobalXMinistries challenge anyone to go on these missions, and strongly benefit the participant in acountless amount of ways. Moving on, the yearly trips that missionaries undergo have becomemore involved as the years progress. As North Point’s churches got larger, so did the spectrum oflocations for the trips. Today, locations for the 2012 missions include: Brazil, Cambodia, EastAsia, El Salvador,
  3. 3. McAdory3Estonia, France, Haiti, Kenya, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Philippines, South Africa,Southeast Asia, Spain, and Venezuela. The trips are normally offered to people withspecificskills that are relevant to each location. An applicant must do heavy research in order toknow which mission destination fits one’s personality and skill set the best. Some morechallenging trips offered are suggested forpeople who are more experienced going overseas.There are alsoprograms offered to people that are new to the idea of mission work. A person maybe as young as ten to go on specific trips, but must meet the basic requirements first. A passportis obviously a necessity for going on a GlobalX mission trip due to the fact that a person cannotleave the country without one. Shots and immunizations also are highly recommended. Amedical exam is needed in order to fully protect the applicant.However, the most important anddifficult challenge one must face is fundraising for the trip itself. Lisa Gore comments on thefundraising by stating, “Each year, hundreds of trip goers raise thousands of dollars as theirsupporters generously join in the adventure of short-term trips” (Gore). The people who usuallyhelp out the most with supporting the trips are the people who do not have enough time or areincapable of going on the trips themselves. There are also a variety of different ways in order toachieve the fundraising goal for the trips, such as car washes, bake sales, and person-to-personselling. After the fundraising is completed, missionaries are supported by multiple teams by love,care, and prayer. Next, a GlobalX mission trip offers the applicant to experience cultural and life changingevents. The food, atmosphere, sleeping arrangements, and day-to-day activities vary within eachcountry. A trip leader that attended a mission trip to Venezuela states, “being connected withwhat God is doing, even in a small, post-communist country like Moldova, has broadened my
  4. 4. McAdory4perspective and reminded me of God’s global purposes” (Wilson). A major realizationin pastGlobalX missions has been the fact that the there is a learning factor involved in the trip.Applicants become quite knowledgeable about the traditions of the town they are residing in.The ministry brings forth three vital relationships that usually motivate one on a GlobalX trip:“intimacy with God, community with insiders, and influence with outsiders” (North PointMission Statement). The “world vision” that GlobalX proscribes for its association involves avariety of different actions such as fighting poverty, improving living conditions for families inneed, feeding hungry children and adults, providing moral support, allowing families to have funby playing a variety of different games, and ultimately spreading God’s love. The impact thatmissionaries make on the people who live within the towns becomes something bigger than mostpeople realize.The organization wants to provide these opportunities to people who are willing toserve children, students, and adults. In conclusion, an applicant must choose the program that correlates most with the skillshe or she possesses, meet the given requirements on the application, prepare mentally andemotionally for the journey that lies ahead, and realize that the ultimate goal is to help spreadGod’s love. In order to be fully immersed in the experience of living in a developing country, amissionary must have an open mind; one should think deeply about which trip will benefit notonly the applicant but also the community of people at which they are helping. Also, aparticipant in the GlobalX mission trips must provide accurate health information and also havean up-to-date passport. Due to the fact that traveling internationally can be dangerous in itself,the GlobalX organization wants full safety for the applicant. As well as acquiring a passport andhealth information the volunteer must also be in the correct state of mind before traveling to the
  5. 5. McAdory5designated location. The applicant must be aware of the fact that conditions in that area are notthe same as where they are from, and the experience could be nothing like living one’s normalday-to-day life. The surroundings are extremely destitute in each country, and the shantytownsthat GlobalX chooses to send missionariesare quite harsh. The understanding that beingaround these sorts of environments will be difficult at times, but the applicant must have a strongmindset in the least. People return from a trip saying, “to sum up the trip in a few words, it wouldbe…life-changing” (Walkup) The mission trips that GlobalX generously provides allows peoplethat are uneducated about Jesus Christ become fully aware of having a personal relationship withthe Lord. The morals, standards, and overall life lessons that people learn and obtain over thecourse of a GlobalX mission trip will stay with that person for the rest of their lives. Theorganization went from being a collection of small groups going on mission trips, to a globalphenomenon. GlobalX started out with a small goal of, “focusing on encouraging and equippingpeople into becoming closer with Jesus Christ” (Martin). Now, those expectations of theorganization have been set, and will continue to grow and prosper. The goal is global; the teamsand leaders of the organization all want one thing, and that is to spread the love of Jesus Christaround the entire world.
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