The World is our Neigborhood


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On mission with the Harper family

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  • Tell our story of how we got here – 16 years old; David Platt; mission trips; Luke 10:2 Prayer
  • We will be working with Global Frontier Missions in Atlanta – Clarkston, Georgia
  • We will look closer at the three key words – mobilizing, training, and multiplying in just a few minutes. First GFM desires to be a “Jesus movement” – where His name is proclaimed among all the nations! We also are anticipating being a part of a “Jesus community” – sharing His life and love with one another. It is also important to note that before churches can be planted – disciples must be raised up! That is the ultimate goal for all of us – to make disciples among all the nations – and fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus!
  • Let’s look at a few helpful definitions as we begin ….
  • People Group – biblical “nation”; group characterized by same ethnicity, language, culture, religion, etc.
  • There are currently over 6,000 UPG’s. An UPG might have a higher Catholic concentration (or even Morman or JW), but not evangelical. More than likely the UPG will be a THUMB group:T ribalH induU nreligionsM uslimB uddhist
  • There are currently over 3,500 UUPG’s.The total number of Unreached Peoples (from UPG’s and UUPG’s) number from 1.5 to 2.3 billion
  • Marks of a CPM:Rapid (over slow)Multiplying (over adding)Indigenous (over foreign)
  • The Red areas = UPG & UUPG … over 1.5 billion people worldwide! Over 6,000 UPG’s and 3,800 UUPG’s still remain with no Christian witness.*Notice the small pocket of red in south-central Mexico … this is where GFM started!
  • Let’s look briefly at the current/future GFM locations …
  • GFM began in 2000, in Oaxaca, Mexico among UPG’s under Grant and Jennifer Haynes. A new work will begin in March/April of next year in northern India – pray for Grayson and Rachel L. Notice the global cities at the bottom
  • We will work with all three of these groups in Clarkston, although most will be refugees
  • Tell of God’s work among Iraqis in Atlanta:Iraqi “missionaries” to Iraq.Persecution in Atlanta.Children dreaming of Jesus.
  • Countries listed are top 5; there are many more (over 150 in Clarkston alone). People from underlined countries are mostly refugees
  • Going back to GFM’s mission
  • Have you ever thought of the immigration issue in the US as a blessing?
  • Read Acts 17:26-27
  • Step 1: Refugees arrive to the U.S.
  • Step 2: They hear the gospel (for the first time) and are discipled
  • Step 3: Many refugees stay in the U.S., but are usually highly mobile – therefore they have the opportunity to multiply the gospel in new communities across the nation.
  • Step 4: Some refugees have the opportunity to return to their homelands
  • …As they return home, they take the gospel message with them
  • …To UPG’s around the world.
  • Tell about Vietnamese (Buddhist) neighbors – lived in Tupelo for 13 years. Said that I’m the only non-Vietnamese friend they have. Why? I’m the only one who has ever bothered to talk with them and get to know them (IN 13 YEARS).
  • What is a global city? A global city is “is a citythat is deemed to be an important node in the global economic system.” In other words, there are 3 basic marks of a city which make it a global city: 1.) globalized economics, 2.) immigration and diversity, and 3.) cultural influence. Atlanta currently ranks in the top 40 in the world. The only US cities ranking ahead of Atlanta are NY, Chicago, LA, SF, Boston and DC
  • Before Atlanta began its bid to become the host site of the ‘96 Olympics – several people began working to make Atlanta more “internationally friendly” … and attract more international residents. Clarkston, a small town of 1 square mile, just east of I-285 (and bordering Stone Mountain), became a magnetic hub of internationals coming to the U.S. … most as refugees. Why Clarkston? Several factors led to this: 1. As a part of metro Atlanta – many services and JOBS were available to internationals 2. Clarkston has 2 colleges – leading to job training and education for internationals 3. MARTA – Atlanta’s rapid transit system extends east into Clarkston – so people w/o access to vehicles can travel to work 4. Clarkston has an amazingly high ratio of inexpensive apartment communities 5. Pat Maddox and other Christians/churches with a vision for reaching/serving unreached peoples – the GOD factor!
  • Pat Maddox – Clarkston native, Baptist missionary, founder of “Friends of Refugees” ministry, and 73 years old – still going strong!
  • Does anyone know Coca-cola’s motto? “A can of coke in the hand of every person on the face of the earth” … think about this: a few executives in Atlanta have done a better job of impacting the world than the 2 billion Christians worldwide. Story about Jonathan B. in S.E. Asia (largest unevangelized island in world; remote mountain village – man w coke can in hand, never heard of Jesus – Who do you worship? … sun. Who made the sun? … no one has ever told us.)
  • Sorry!
  • Except for two, 24 hour periods of the year … Talledega, AL
  • Air – some of the worst air quality in the nation; mostly caused by automobilesCrime – declining crime rates over the past decade; still double the national averageTraffic – the longest average commute for drivers in any U.S. cityPoverty – more Atlantachildren live in poverty than in any other city in the world
  • The4-H’s:Human Trafficking – over 300 children are sexually exploited each month in Atlanta; most of these by men from the wealthy northern suburbs; also “sex tourism” near the ATL airport is a “big business”; refugees are considered at riskHomelessness – 13,000 on any given night; 2,500 are children (many as “runaways”)Homosexuality – some sources say 38% of Atlanta’s population is gay/lesbian; called the “black gay capital” of the worldHIV/AIDS – Georgia is 6th nationwide for number of residents living with HIV/AIDS (40,328); 67%, or 27,000, live in Atlanta; 57% of Georgia’s HIV/AIDS cases were contracted through homosexuality
  • Many refugees to Atlanta have been living in camps (such as this one in Dadaab, Kenya – the largest in the world – which was built to host 90,000 people, now an estimated 4x that many currently living there), for many years –displaced from their own homelands.
  • The other southern U.S. cities are Miami and New Orleans.
  • Explain chart: blue = population growth (through higher birth-rates or usually through immigration); green = no change (notice Somalia, this will change after this year); brown = population loss (mainly through immigration, but also due to factors such as war, genocide, famine, natural disasters, etc.) UNHCR referred more than 121,000 refugees for consideration for resettlement, worldwide, in 2008. This was the highest number for 15 years. In 2007, 98,999 people were referred. UNHCR referred 33,512 refugees from Iraq, 30,388 from Burma/Myanmarand 23,516 from Bhutan in 2008. Most recently - SOMALIA!!!
  • 2 NY Times Bestsellers about the refugee experience in Clarkston: “What is the What” by Dave Eggers and …
  • “Outcasts United” by Warren St. John
  • These groups are primarily from the 10/40 window
  • The 10/40 window is where most of the world’s UP live
  • Note: the “black” population is not just Americans, but Africans as well.
  • Walking around Clarkston is like what it might be like to walk around the U.N.
  • Actually, I have tried Halal (great!) and Soul food!
  • Have I mentioned we need your prayers!
  • This is no exaggeration! Remember THUMB – Clarkston has all of these people living in it (so does Tupelo, by the way).
  • By God’s grace … and your help!
  • Looking forward to Orality and Storying!
  • There are over 20 nationalities represented in the apartment complex where we will live
  • This will be adjusted once we get “boots on the ground”
  • Please come visit!
  • Any questions?
  • The World is our Neigborhood

    1. 1. “Go, make disciples of all the nations”   the world is our neighborhood
    2. 2. global frontier missions: is a movement of Christ-centered communities dedicated to mobilizing, training, and multiplying disciples and churches among the least reached people groups on earth
    3. 3. gfm’s distinct characteristics: (1) GFM is an international Christian mission organization focused on church planting among unreached peoples
    4. 4. helpful definitions:A People Group is the largest group through which the gospel can flow without encountering significant barriers of understanding and acceptance
    5. 5. helpful definitions:An Unreached People Group is a people group in which less than 2% of the population are Evangelical Christians
    6. 6. helpful definitions:A Last Frontier People Group (or Unengaged)is an UPG that has not had a new Evangelical church started among it within the past two years
    7. 7. helpful definitions:A Church Planting Movement is a rapid and multiplying increase of indigenous churches planting churches within a given people group or population segment
    8. 8. gfm’s distinct characteristics: (2) GFM mobilizes and trains North American Christians for missions through global training centers in Atlanta, Houston, and other locations
    9. 9. gfm training center locations: Current U.S. Locations: ATLANTA – CLARKSTON, GEORGIA – Since 2010 HOUSTON – SUGARLAND, TEXAS – Since 2010 Current International Locations: OAXACA, MEXICO – Since 2000 BANGKOK, THAILAND – Since 2010 New Locations: NORTHERN INDIA – Spring 2012 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – ??? CHICAGO, K.C., L.A., MIAMI, N.Y., PHOENIX, SEATTLE, etc. AMSTERDAM, JOHANNESBURG, LONDON, NAIROBI, etc.
    10. 10. gfm’s distinct characteristics: (3) GFM operates a mission training school, an apprenticeship program, as well as short term mission trips to help multiply missions among refugees, immigrants, and international students
    11. 11. • Refugees are admitted to the United States by the Department of Homeland Security. • After 12 months of residency, they are required to apply for adjustment of status to that of Permanent Resident Alien.• After 5 years in the US, refugees may apply for citizenship.
    12. 12. There arecurrently over 194,000Iraqi refugees worldwide … Hundreds ofthese beautifulfamilies live in NE Atlanta
    13. 13. peoples in dekalb county: Sub-Saharan Africa 4,250 Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa North Africa / Middle-East 5,624 Ethiopia, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Somalia Europe 7,295 Bosnia, Germany, Poland, Russia, France South Asia 7,297 India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Myanmar East Asia 7,525 S Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan Southeast Asia 8,209 Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia Latin America 48,935 Mexico, Jamaica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador
    14. 14. gfm’s primary goals: (1) MOBILIZATION -To raise awareness concerning the needs around the world, so that people and churches can be more strategic in fulfilling their role in the Great Commission. We do this by hosting short term mission trips, holding missions seminars/conferences, and getting involved in local churches to cast vision for the least reached people groups.
    15. 15. gfm’s primary goals: (2) TRAINING - To train as many people as possible to go and serve long-term among the least reached people groups of the world. Our missionary training schools are a perfect way for people to get their feet wet in missions right here in the US as they learn some language, cross cultural barriers, begin building relationships with internationals, etc. before launching off overseas.
    16. 16. gfm’s primary goals: (3) MULTIPLYING - To reach out to internationals living close to us with the hope of seeing them evangelized and discipled to the point that they can go back and reach their own people. We do this by focusing on immigrants, refugees, and international students living in close proximity to us. Our desire is to plant simple, reproducible churches in apartment complexes, homes, and on college campuses.
    17. 17. immigration and mission:―twin‖ blessings: (1) “Reverse missions” – Now, thousands of international missionaries come to the U.S. to serve on the mission field. (2) Unreached in our own Backyard – Thousands of unreached peoples enter the U.S. each year … they may even live in your neighborhood.
    18. 18. 20% of World’sInternational Migrations
    19. 19.  
    20. 20.  
    21. 21.  
    22. 22. From Baltimore to Nepal—From New York to West Africa–From Atlanta to Iraq
    23. 23. Who Are The Strangers Next Door to You?
    24. 24. what you already know: ATLANTA IS THE HOMEOF: Great Sports– Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Thrashers, & 1996 Olympic Games
    25. 25. Pat Maddox“Friend ofRefugees”
    26. 26. what you already know:ATLANTA IS THE HOME OF:Fortune 500 Companies – AT&T,Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, HomeDepot, Turner Broadcasting, &UPS
    27. 27. what you already know:ATLANTA IS THE HOME OF:Famous Americans – AlanJackson, Bobby Jones, ChrisTomlin, Hank Aaron, Jane Fonda,Jeff Foxworthy, Jimmy Carter,Lewis Grizzard, Margaret Mitchell,Martin Luther King, Ray Charles,Truett Cathy …
    28. 28.  … and Justin Bieber
    29. 29. what you already know: ATLANTA HAS: The nation’s 9th largest metro population … 5.3 million people
    30. 30. what you already know:ATLANTA HAS:One of the world’s busiestairports … 14,000,000travelers per year
    31. 31. what you already know:ATLANTA HAS:The universe’s bestchicken sandwich …Chick-fil-A
    32. 32. what you already know:ATLANTA HAS:Some seriousissues • Schools• Air Pollution • Sprawl• Crime • Traffic• Economy • Water• Poverty Shortages
    33. 33. what you may not know:ATLANTA HAS:Other very serious issues• Human Trafficking / Sexual Exploitation of Minors• Homelessness• Homosexuality• HIV/AIDS
    34. 34. what you may not know:Over 1 million immigrants havemoved to Atlanta in the past 10years
    35. 35. what you may not know:The North American Mission Boardhas selected Atlanta as one of itsthree strategic global cities in thesouthern U.S.
    36. 36. what you may not know:TIME Magazine has called Clarkston,Georgia (in NE Atlanta), “the most diversesquare mile in the nation.”
    37. 37. “The refugee experience ofdislocation, culturalbereavement, confusion andconstant change will soonbe all of our experience. Asthe world becomesglobalized, we’ll all besearching for a home.” – Mary Pipher, Writer “Jesus said heaven is a place for people of all nations. So if you don’t like Clarkston, you won’t like heaven.” – Rev. Phil Kitchin, Pastor, Clarkston International
    38. 38. about clarkston, georgia:145 countries represented in a town of7,500 … all in 1 square mile
    39. 39. about clarkston, georgia:Over 750 distinct people groups
    40. 40. about clarkston, georgia: Most are refugees from 10/40 Window … displaced because of ethnic cleansing, famine, natural disasters, religious persecution, and
    41. 41. about clarkston, georgia:Many have never heard the Gospel
    42. 42. have you ever:Been the minority… culture, language, race, religion?As of 2010 Clarkston had a population of 7,554.• The racial and ethnic composition of the population was 13.6% white, 58.4% black, 0.2% Native American;• 4.8% Vietnamese, 16.8% other Asian, 2.1% from some other race and 4.1% from two or more races;• 2.8% of the population was Hispanic or Latino.
    43. 43. have you ever:Learned a second language from theperson you are teaching English?
    44. 44. have you ever:Eaten Cuban, East African, Halal,Indian, Jamaican, Nepali,Vietnamese,or Soul Food?
    45. 45. have you ever:Taught an Iraqi teenager how to drive… in Atlanta traffic?
    46. 46. have you ever:Shared the gospel with yourBuddhist,Hindu, and Muslim neighbors… all in the same week?
    47. 47. … neither have we  
    48. 48. but we will  
    49. 49. Mission Training School o Student (5 months) • School • Ministry o Staff (2 years) • Church Planter • Mobilizer • Trainer
    50. 50. A Typical Day • 6:45 Prayer for the Nations • 7:45 Small Group • 9:00 School • 1:30 Ministry • 8:00 Worship/Fellowship
    51. 51. School • 20 hours of classroom training per week • Read one to two books per week • Some of the topics to be discussed: • Fasting / Intercessory Prayer / Orality & Storying Evangelism / Church Planting / World Religions Leadership / Community Transformation Persecution / Theology / More • I will receive a degree in Intercultural Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary
    52. 52. Ministry • 15 hours of cross-cultural missions per week • Incarnational ministry among neighbors from places such as: • Bhutan / Burma/ Cambodia / Eritrea / Ethiopia Indonesia / Iraq / Laos / Nepal / Somalia Sudan / Vietnam / More • Many of our neighbors are refugees, immigrants, or international students from UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUPS!
    53. 53. Pray • Join our Prayer Team: • Pray for us – daily, weekly, or “upon every remembrance” • We will commit to pray for you and any special requests for prayer in confidence
    54. 54. Give • Join our Support Team: • Give a one-time gift to assist with immediate expenses • Pledge to give $25, $50, or $100 (or whatever amount God prompts you to give) on a monthly basis
    55. 55. what does our budget look like?Giving $350Rent + Utilities $1,200Food & Household Items $550Car (gas,insurance,maintenance) $475Health Insurance $325Mission Training School $300Misc. (school supplies,clothes,phone,savings,etc.) $300TOTAL $3,500 per
    56. 56. where will we get $3,500 a• month? includes money. EVERYTHING belongs to God! This• We believe that it is God’s will for us to live on mission in Atlanta … “if it’s God’s will, then it’s God’s bill”• God instructs His people to give generously:“Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully willalso reap bountifully. Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, notreluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able tomake all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times,you may abound in every good work.” -2 Corinthians 9:6-8 (ESV)• $3,500 per month is basically the same salary most missionary families of four living overseas receive.
    57. 57. additional financial notes• Upon completion of the first two months’ “trial phase”, we will come under the care of Commission To Every Nation, a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, Guidestar, and has been given 4 stars by Charity Navigators for 7 years in a row.• Their website is
    58. 58. Go • To truly catch the vision, you must see it for yourself! • GFM hosts many mission teams each year … bring a group to join in the work • We would love to host your family for a visit • Consider joining GFM for Mission Training School, Apprenticeship, or Short Term Mission
    59. 59. Tell • Please pass along an info-packet to any potential partners. • Give us their name and address; we will be glad to send them a packet
    60. 60. Partnership • A partnership is a committed relationship! • We commit the following to you: • To pray for you, your family, and other special requests • To send you regular personal and ministry updates • To be open and honest about our finances • To live a simple, transparent lifestyle of integrity based on God’s Word • You have an open invitation to visit, view, and participate in the work at GFM-Atlanta
    61. 61. Contact Information o Blog: • m o Facebook: • The World is our Neighborhood o Email: •
    62. 62. Q &A
    63. 63. ThankYou For Your Prayers & Support o Please make checks to LIFELINE FELLOWSHIP o All checks are tax deductible
    64. 64.  