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Top 5 cloud_backup_plugins_for_word_press

  1. 1. net 5 Cloud Backup Plugins for WordPressNwosu MavtrevorThe only way to have a peace of mind as a blogger is to have a total backup of your WordPress blog. Youshould be scared if you do not have a recent and complete backup of your WordPress blog. I was rightwhen I included backup as number one on my 10 routine blog maintenance checklists. Keeping yourWordPress blog saf e is not an easy task, your blog could get hacked, your server could crash, you couldmess with a code and your whole site will be gone etc. There are countless reasons why you should backupyour WordPress blog today; you just can’t f orget to backup your WordPress blog.I can’t imagine the horror of losing a blog with over 500 posts, comments and plugins with years and yearsof hard work. And I can’t emphasize on the need to always backup your WordPress blog enough in just onearticle.There are two types of backup f or your WordPress blog, Cloud backup f or WordPress and normal backupon your server/hard drive. I am going to f avorite the f ormer than the later f or obvious reasons. Thechances of losing backups on your server or hard drive are greater than losing backups in the cloud likeDropbox. Cloud services have several backups so your backup is not just on one server, even when oneserver is gone, you can still retrieve our backup f rom any other server available.Cloud Backup f or WordPress blog is my best option to a more secure backup, so while you can still have acopy of your backup on your server or hard drive I strongly advice you backup your WordPress blog in thecloud. A f ree Dropbox account is 2GB which is enough f or an average WordPress blog size, even if yourblog is more than 2GB you can upgrade the cloud services to contain it and the best part is that you do nothave to waste your bandwidth downloading and uploading your backups. It’s server to server backup andit’s easier. So let me introduce you to the top 5 cloud backup plugins f or WordPress.Best Cloud Backup Plugins forWordPress:1. WordPress Backup to Dropbox:WordPress Backup to Dropbox is a Cloudbackup plugin f or WordPress, it helps you toeasily backup your WordPress blog, it’s mediaand database to Dropbox even without youdoing much. You can schedule backups withthis plugin to regularly backup your WordPress blog daily, weekly or monthly. Simply install and activate thisplugin, authorize your Dropbox account and schedule your backups. This plugin will give you total peace ofmind knowing that your WordPress blog is regularly backed up to the cloud.
  2. 2. 2. WPMU Dev Snapshot: WPMU Dev Snapshot is a premium cloud backup plugin f or WordPress f romWPMU Dev that allows you to backup and restore your entire WordPress blog in a single click. This pluginbackup everything and can store your backups in Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP/sFTP and GreenQloud Storageaccounts.3. UpdraftPlus Backup: Updraf tPlus Backup is yet another cloud backup f or WordPress that can backupyour WordPress blog to your hard drive or to some cloud services like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive,(S)FTP, WebDAV and email. This is one of the best cloud backup plugins I have f ound within the WordPressplugin repository. With Updraf tPlus Backup you can schedule backups and even encrypt them and restoreon a single click. This plugin is really a great one as its support team gives the type of support a premiumplugin support team will give.4. BackWPup: BackWPup is an awesome cloud backup plugin f or WordPress that can save your wholeinstallation including /wp-content/ to the cloud. With this plugin you can backup your WordPress blog tocloud services like Dropbox, Google Storage, Amazon S3, FTP server, Microsof t Azure, SugarSync,RackSpaceCloud etc.It also supports a large variety of f ormats such as WP XML Export,tar, zip, tar.bz2, and database backup.5. XM-Backup: XM-Backup is yet another cloud backup plugin f or WordPress that can backup yourWordPress database and save them in the cloud. With XM-Backup you can backup your WordPress blog;f iles stored in the WP-Content/uploads f older and save it in secure locations like your Dropbox account, anFTP account of your choice and any other linked to online f ile f older.SummaryAs much as there are decent Cloud backup plugins out there to backup your WordPress blog to the cloud,you will always get a better one when you invest some money to get a premium cloud backup plugin f orWordPress.
  3. 3. Cloud Backup Plugins f or WordPress will give you total peace of mind when you know your blog is backedup and your backup is saf e. You don’t want to get into a situation when you did not backup your WordPressblog bef ore you will realize its importance, please my blogger f riends if you have not backed up yourWordPress blogs today, please choose any of the Cloud Backup Plugins f or WordPress listed here andbackup your blog now.I hope you f ind this article interesting enough to share with your f riends, remember to drop a commentbelow and tell me what you think of these cloud backup plugins f or WordPress. Remember to subscribe tomy RSS Feed.Listen