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  1. 1. Soundscapes• Black= What Sounds I can see in the picture• Red= How I could make these sounds myself
  2. 2. Bar• Conversations, chatter and laughter. This sound could be made by recording from a busy location.• Glasses, clinking.• Footsteps. Record my footsteps of me walking on wooden floor.• Ice being poured in glasses. Record myself pouring • Appliances such as fridge, soda gun’s, washing machines and ice cubes into freezers making sounds. Either record each individual glasses. machine to make the sounds all together or record a large• Fizzy drinks machine room such as an IT room which would be similar to fizzing. Record noise. the sound of me • Traffic from outside. Record the sound of traffic through emptying a coke some kind of material, not necessarily a house to get the bottle into a required distant sound of traffic. glass. • Taps.
  3. 3. Woods• The sound of water rushing. Current of the stream.1: record the natural sound of a stream. 2: pour water on to a tilted surface to get the rushing sound of the water.• Wildlife, such as rabbits, birds deer ect.• The rustle of leaves brushing against each other. Get some leaves attached to branches and experiment by rubbing them against each other to make the desired rustling noise.• The sound of tree branches croaking. • Planes, helicopters possibly flying by.• The sound of wind passing through • The rustling of foliage such as grass the gaps in the treeline. This sound twigs snapping ect.. Get hold of effect can be made by blowing some twigs and grass of some kind through your lips. and walk through it deliberately• Insects making the sounds of twigs breaking and rustling.
  4. 4. Class Room• The sound of general banter between students. Can be recorded by going into any lesson and recording them.• Students talking Same as above.• Teacher talking Same as above.• Teacher writing on board with pen. I could get a chalk marker and practice • Sound of clock ticking. Record a clock. writing on a surface • Sound of paper being written on and pencils and pens of some kind until I scribbling. Get a pen and paper an scribble down on it and get a sound that write to get the write scribbling pattern of someone who is matches the one the writing stuff down. teacher makes. • The sound of people zipping bags and pencil cases.• Sound of projector • Chair legs scraping. Deliberately scrape my chair across the machine floor to record the desired sound.
  5. 5. Living room• Clock ticking. Record a ticking clock, it is possible to make the sound with my own mouth clicking.• Birds outside. Record birds through some kind of surface such as a wall to get the desired distant feel of the sound.• Traffic. Same as above.• Pedestrians walking past windows. Make someone walk along the wall which I’m on • Door opening and closing upstairs or in the houses the other side of to get next door. Record downstairs as someone opens and the desired footsteps closes doors in a room next to me and then a room sound. above me.• Wind blowing through • Floorboards creaking above. Record someone as they the fireplace. This walk across a creaky floorboard. sound can be made • The fan spinning. Record a fan spinning. with my lips
  6. 6. Plane• Snoring. Record someone snoring.• Turbulence. Record multiple items shaking to represent the turbulence aboard a plane.• Engines. To record this sound either record a plane engine or use a really powerful fan to try and make a similar noise.• Tannoy announcements. Record a voice through a tannoy speaker.• Laughter and other manmade voice sounds. Record general sounds made by people on a • Loose change being exchanged for snacks. Record plane . loose change falling onto a surface to represent• Screams of panic someone emptying their spare change onto a table.• Trolley rolling along isle. Get • Food any kind of trolley and record • Drink its sound as you roll it along a carpeted floor. Most plane floors are carpeted.
  7. 7. Sea• Bubble noises. Record this found by holding your breath underwater.• Jaws theme tune. Found in the ITunes store.• Sound of oxygen tanks• Not much more.