Presentation on music video's and their importance


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Presentation on music video's and their importance

  1. 1. Why videos? The need for the music video
  2. 2. Music videos represent a very important part of the music industry. There are even artists thatowe their careers to their music videos. Music videos have become a venue where music artist isgiven a chance to impress the public not just with their vocal talent but also with their looks ormoves. There are people who become an instant fan because of the music videos they see on TV.Music video is not that important before as it is today. MTV (Music Television) was one of thepioneers that take advantage of the power of music videos and discovered its importance to themusic industry. Since 1981, MTV started broadcasting in the USA. From that day on music videogradually rule the music industry. ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ by The Buggles was the first videoever played on MTV. MTV instantly become of the most highly controversial show on TV. Somepeople saw it as the beginning of a new era in the music industry, where people can show whatthey got aside from singing. On the other hand were people who considered it as an end of truemusical talent because artists will become more appreciated if they have good looks instead ofhaving great vocal abilities. Music video aims to deliver the song or give meaning to the song.People can easily relate to the song once they see where it is intended for. It can help listenersrelate to the song and somehow feel that the song was written for them.
  3. 3. Today, music videos have already proven how essential it is to an artistsuccess. It is now considered as important as the song itself. There are artistsand songs that have become so popular and well known because of theirmusic videos. The industry have also found new ways to generate additionalincome from selling music video collections that are being sold on tapes orDVDs. Music video creation no matter how small or big the project is can givejobs to people. From music directors, artist and down to the smallest staffalso benefit in creating music videos. There are some fans that enjoywatching music videos because of its artistic value. Some fans also think thatmusic videos should be assessed based on its visual qualities and not on thesong quality. Although there are many people who think that the song is onlysecondary to the music video, the music video will only be a tool for thebusiness and will be used to sell the song of the artist.
  4. 4. Professionals discussing the importance of a music video••
  5. 5. What is the purpose of a music video?
  6. 6. To tell the song & Invoke a reactionOne of the arguably main reasons for artists using music video’s is to tell the storybehind what the lyrics are saying. Often when a music video is telling the story you willsee many different camera angles to create emphasis on the artist, location andemotion.You could say that a music video is a visual aid to what is going on in the song. A good example of a song that uses the music video to visually aid the audience about what is going on in the song is “Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Time” Watch the link below to see what I mean…
  7. 7. To leave the audience remembering that songAllot of artist’s make music video’s (good videos or bad) just so thatthe audience has something to visually remember about the video,and can then talk about the video to friends and family.A great example of this would be “Gangnam style (Comeback stage) –Inkigayo”
  8. 8. For artist’s to show of other talentsMany artists like to show off their other talents to their audiencebecause it draws more attention to them.Some of these talent’s could be things such as dancing, playing ainstrument, modelling and acting.A famous example of an artist showing off a talent in one of theirmusic video’s would have to be Michael Jackson – Thriller. Which hasMichael Jackson showing of his dance moves. There is also some goodacting from him at the beginning.
  9. 9. Using music videos to promote and extend their incomeArtist’s use music video’s to promote themselves and bring in more income.For example in music video’s you often see the artist themselves in it. This isonly to promote themselves further to an audience and draw new crowds in.A good example of someone who generates a massive income from hermusic video’s is lady gaga.Notably because of the extraordinary clothes she wears in her music videos,by wearing these clothes in her music videos she not only promoted herselfand music but she promoted her fashion and is now known famously for it.
  10. 10. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Sales of a particular song due to the popularity of a music videoMichael Jackson’s music video “Thriller” has sold over one hundred million copies. Allotof people say this was due to the video itself which involved Michael Jackson as azombie dancing. The music video was released in 1983 just when music video’s hadstarted going mainstream. video had a massive positive impact on the public because of how different it wasto other music video’s. Since its release in 1983 it has been featured in many Musicchannels on programmes such as “MTVs 100 Greatest Videos Ever Made” and has beenlabelled by the music industry as a music video sensation.In my opinion I feel that Michael Jackson understood the importance of music videosand how they were necessary for the audience. He spent $500,000 on making the musicvideo for thriller. Which is a tiny amount compared to where he spent $7million onmaking the music video for scream setting a world record for spending the most moneyon a music video.
  11. 11. Compare to songs where the videos arent as popularA great example of a song which has a terrible musicvideo is Jan Terris music video "losing you". The song isOk but the video itself was poorly done. The story thevideo tells makes no sense at all and the majority of thevideo are short shots of a city from different angles.Nearly all the shoots are terribly done with the cameraswaying from side to side often.Here is a link if you can bear to watch it..
  12. 12. The importance ofmusic channels, DVD downloads / sales It is essential for artist’s (especially not well known artist’s) to promote themselves where and whenever possible, not just to draw more attention to themselves but because allot of money can be generated for the artist by doing this. To the right is a graph showing just how much profit artist’s make from selling their music. As you can see it is not a large sum making it very difficult for small time artist’s. This is why allot of artists branch out from just selling their songs and albums this way.
  13. 13. Music channels and DVD’sMusic channels are very important to artists because it is a great wayof promoting themselves (people sat at home watching music TV,suddenly see artist’s music video) and gaining more income.Another reason as to why music video’s are necessary these day’s isbecause most music TV channels only air songs if they have a musicvideo to play alongside the song.The reason music Dvd’s are necessary to artists is because it isoffering the audience more than just songs, it is also offering musicvideo’s which offers visual entertainment to the audience. Becauseof the considerably higher price for the DVD it generates more profitfor the artist than a normal album would (no videos, just music).
  14. 14. Music video chartsBy having music video charts as well as song charts,this increases income and promotes the artist’sshown on the those charts.For example, Lady gaga’s songs are all over themusic charts which promotes her and generatesher more income. However she is also in the chartsfor music video’s which gives her even moreattention and generates her more money.ITunes charts are good example.
  15. 15. Use of synergy
  16. 16. Use of artist’s songs for films and TV shows (use of synergy)Artist’s can also feature their music in films and TV to raise their income and to makemore of a name for themselves to draw in a larger crowd. This can turn out wellespecially if the TV show or film is good and has a massive audience for itself.An artist who did this was Stephen Fretwell, who’s song was used for the Gavin andStacey theme song. It generated him allot of money and drew in a larger audience forhim. great example of a film that used a song would be Skyfall by Adele which was used asthe opening song of the new James bond film that came out in 2012. Adele not onlymade money from the income of people buying this song, but also earned a large sumof money in advance for making the song exclusively for the jams bond movie.
  17. 17. Use of artist’s songs for TV adverts (use of synergy)Featuring songs in TV adverts is another method for artist’s topromote themselves and generate more income.A great example of this would be “Louder” by DJ Fresh whichwas featured in a lucozade TV advert. The artist was not verywell known at the time, but suddenly became very popularwhen this advert was aired on TV. The song went straight to 2ndplace on the charts. Kick starting the artist’s career again.