Production management requirements


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Production management requirements

  1. 1. Production Management requirements:Paying my crew and actors and catering for them: Without a crew, I will not be able to make mydocumentary. I will have to hire a crew consisting of cameramen, sound technicians, lightingtechnicians and more. I may also need actors for reconstructions or presenting the documentary.This will all cost me money, not to mention the fact that I must cater for my team during workinghours, and (if they live too far away) pay for accommodation during filming.Scripts: I will need scripts so that production team know what they are doing during filming. Forexample, so the cameramen know how they are shooting specific shots during filming. Anotherexample would be the presenter of the documentary; they would need a script to know what theyare supposed to be saying.Transport: When switching from location to location (which happens often in documentaries) I mustbe able to organise transport for moving my production team and equipment from one filminglocation to another.Finance: A finance sheet must be made listing all the expenditures during making this documentary.That way the production manager can know exactly what the end cost will be and will also allowthem to see where money is being spent unnecessarily.Budgeting: As production manager I have to successfully budget where I can during the making andmarketing of the documentary to avoid unnecessary expenditure.Locations: It is the production manager’s role to make sure that all the locations required for thedocumentary are available for filming. This also includes making sure each location has the correctand necessary applications for the production team to be able to use. This includes plug sockets andpower supplies for setting up electrical equipment. A health and safety form must also be filled inone ach location to make sure it is a safe location for the production team to film at.Organising the production team and Interviewees: As production manager it is important to keepall the team well informed of when and where filming will be taking place, this is to ensure that noneof the crew are late or get lost on the way to a filming location. The same applies to interviewees,the production manager must ensure that the interviewee is aware of the date and location ofwhere they will be filming.Scheduling: It is of the most importance that the production manager keeps everything up toschedule. This will include all kinds of things such as dates for filming at certain locations, dates forattending marketing events (press events) and most importantly keep up to date towards thedeadline.Shooting scripts: It is important to have shooting scripts so that I and the production team can knowexactly when we are filming and specifically what we are filming.