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Circulatory revision


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Circulatory revision

  1. 1. The Heart ‘Market Place’Sit yourself and collect the correct resources in the groups of 3 assigned last lesson:(2 minutes):3 areas of study:1= Characteristics of blood vessels2= Function of blood3= Effects of exercise on circulatory systemResources• A3 photocopied sheet, pens, A4 paper, 1 flip chart sheet
  2. 2. Circulatory System RevisionWhy are we doing this??• Mock exam question on the circulatory system was poorly answered• Understanding of the system varies greatly in the class• From Unistructural to Extended Abstract (simple to complex understanding – SOLO Taxonomy)
  3. 3. Learning IntentionsSubject Specific:• Consolidate knowledge & understanding of the circulatory systemPersonal Learning &Thinking Skill – Team Worker:• Collaborate with others to work towards common goals
  4. 4. ThinkerIn your group:• Think of 5 characteristics of good teamwork (1 minute)
  5. 5. Heart MarketStage 1 Preparation 8 minsStage 2 Research 5 minsStage 3 Peer teaching 5 minsStage 4 Test 8 minsYou now have 1 minute to read through
  6. 6. Test1. Describe different IMMEDIATE effects of exercise on the circulatory system (3 marks)2. Describe different LONG TERM effects of exercise on the circulatory system (3 marks)3. State 3 functions of blood (1 mark)4. Give 2 characteristics of capillaries (2 marks)5. Give 2 characteristics of arteries (2marks)6. Give 2 characteristics of veins (2 marks)
  7. 7. Preparation = Only 10 Words: Everyone MUST contributeSo please use lots of ... symbols sketches initial letters numbers colours graphic devices
  8. 8. Research (5 minutes)• 1 Person = stays at your stall and ‘sells’ your information only using the information on the flip chart sheet• Other 2 people visit the other stalls ‘buying’ information from stall holder – YOU must decide how to organise this: 2 stalls cover the same information; remember, you only have 5 minutes!!
  9. 9. Peer Teaching (5 minutes)• You should now, between your group, have covered ALL 3 sections....• Go back to your group and exchange information gathered from the other stalls.• Can be a discussion or make notes
  10. 10. Review:WRITE DOWN:• 3 skills you usedIn your group:• Draw a BIG CIRCLE on the back of your sheet to represent a PIE CHART.• Split the pie chart into 3 sections – 1 section represents 1 person’s overall contribution to the group’s work (= %)OPEN Questions:• What did you like about today’s learning?• How did you achieve success? Why wasn’t your team• successful?• How could you improve your time management?• What would you do differently next time?• What are the dangers of learning like this?