Whs learning journey final 3


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Whs learning journey final 3

  1. 1. Learning Objective: to understand the functions of the skeletonSO THAT you can apply the functions to yourpersonal sporting performances I can name the different I can explain why the functions of I can justify how the functions of the skeleton are Learning functions of the skeleton the skeleton are important to the vital in a sporting context using specific examples from my own sporting performances Journey C grade human body A grade B gradeProfile of Boys Girls SEN Details Gifted & Talented DetailsClass 12 7 N/A 6Context of lesson Introduction lesson. Limited prior knowledge & understanding RATIONALE BEHIND THE PEDAGOGY? Based on John Hattie & Geoff Petty research = Effect size 1 = 2 grade leap @ GCSE or advancing achievement by 1 year. Example: Jigsaw Co-operative Learning = 0.75 Student feedback on previous learning experiences - what has accelerated their learning previously? TEEP Reading, Writing, Prepare for  BIG QUESTION = Is there more future or past? Communication, learning  In pairs – can you work out the functions of the Mathematics (RWCM) Entry work skeleton?  Use of specific language Give the ‘BIG’ picture Pre-thinking about work to  JW & DW handing out text books / terminology / oral / come Link to previous lesson  HR & MT handing out learning folders written / body language Prompt start /numeracy TEEP Spiritual, moral, social and O Agree Learning cultural (SMSC) Outcomes P Make content, skills &  Share learning objective and explain the SO thinking explicit  Connecting student State simply and exactly THAT – enabling students to see meaning and P what the students will have learning to the real learned by the end of the purpose in their learning(‘own their learning lesson world? Share criteria against which ambition’) O performance will be assessed Homework R TEEP Choice and variety in tasks?Present New Information  Wilmslow’s English Department: ‘Hook’ the students http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsUWOwV9THc T A Homework Experiment Use of VAK strategies Short, clear, ‘punchy’  The future of homework design? information U A lesson from history TEEP Construct N Active learning: PLTS Range of learning preferences Jigsawing: home groups & expert groups Skills developed in the Choice I Individual lesson /over a series of Collaborative Challenge T lessons TEEP 8 mark examination question: Apply CICC? Demonstration of learning  Apply your new knowledge on the functions of I  Choice in learning activities? Minor (short task) or major (coursework) work the skeleton to your recent sporting  Individual work? Need to show they performances. How did the different functions E  Collaboration in learning? understand - not just repeat  Challenge in student learning? and recall enable you to participate and perform Taken from Jackie Beere’s book: S successfully? The Perfect (Ofsted) Lesson TEEP WWW EBI Review Marginal Learning Gains: What Went Even Better If How far have students  K = list of what you know Well progressed along the learning journey? Oral,written, pictorial  W= what you need to know Teacher Teacher reviews Need regular review  L = how are you going to learn your knowledge Self-Review Self-Review experiences at relevant gaps? points during the lesson