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Whs english homework design


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Whs english homework design

  1. 1. Year 7 Extended Homework Tasks: Novel Unit During this half term you need to complete one task from each of the six boxes in the table below. You will complete six tasks in total. You can complete the tasks in any order you like and you can be working on more than one task at the same time. You should choose no more than one task from each section. Spend at least 30 minutes on each task you complete and make sure you always try your best. Personal, Tick when HOMEWORK TASKS you have Learning and (choose no more than one from each section) completedThinking Skills one of the tasks in the box Creative Turn a scene into a radio script or storyboard Thinking Write your own chapter that would take place after the current ending of the novel. Design a new front cover for the novel.Team Workers Work with a partner to write a set of questions you’d like to ask the main character. Interview a partner to find out what they think of the novel. Write down your questions and their responses. In a team of no more than 4, dramatise and script an event from the book. Independent Research the author and produce a profile page of Enquirers information about them. Find out about other novels that belong to the same genre as the one you are reading in class. Write about your findings using full paragraphs. Self Managers Keep a spelling journal of new words you have learnt. Write a diary entry for your favourite character. Effective Find a review of the novel you are reading in class. Participators Write a response to the person who wrote the review, explaining where you agree or disagree with their opinions and why. Write a letter to the author of the novel you are reading. Tell them what you think of the novel and try to include some questions you have about the characters or events. Reflective Keep a time line of important events in the novel. You Learners could focus on one particular character when you do this. Write a book review. When you are roughly half way through the novel, make a set of predictions about what will happen next. Try to explain your ideas. Your teacher will tell you when they expect to see your progress with these tasks. Make sure you do some work on them EVERY WEEK.