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SAIS Classroom Management 2009


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Presentation on classroom management from SAIS New Teacher Institute 2009

Published in: Education, Business
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SAIS Classroom Management 2009

  1. 1. classroom management creating a safe place to take risks
  2. 2. three little bears
  3. 3. setting tone/mood US military - officers eat last - respect student involvement with one chief collaboration versus negotiation - homework example balance is key - working toward “just right”
  4. 4. taking it personal students will push buttons looking for reaction where is your armor weakest?
  5. 5. routines & consistency structure can be comforting routine allows for more risk taking structure balanced with latitude/choices
  6. 6. discipline knowing when to stay within the system sweat the small stuff support your colleagues proximity understanding balanced don’t rush to by natural consequences judgment fair versus right benefit of the doubt
  7. 7. groups g ive all the playing cards instructions before self selecting letting apparel based groups anyone mo ve planned groups mix it u p!