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Nightstand Reader Series


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Nightstand Reader Series

  1. 1. Self-published by Mark Gilroy Creative in 2002 – with a new publishing partnership to be announced soon!
  2. 2. A collection of classic writings, mixing short stories, poetry, inspiring speeches and quotes, and humorous insights on the fine – but far from lost – art of reading. Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Frost, Louisa May Alcott, Winston Churchill, Willa Cather, Jack London, Martin Luther King Jr., William Shakespeare, the Holy Bible, and many other sources were used to create this truly unique and enjoyable selection of nighttime reading. Bound in an exquisite bonded leather case, with a custom glossy full color illustration “tipped on” the cover. Four raised hubs on the spine, classic rough cut edges, generous gold stamping, and a silky ribbon marker complete the impressive packaging. The Nightstand Reader is perfect as a gift or self- purchase for anyone who loves to indulge themselves with a few moments of great reading before retiring for the night.
  3. 3. derful Time for wo...or Three! enture and wonder from -- London, A.A. Milne, ert LouisStevenson, Twain, L. Frank Baum, d many others! enture and wonder from -- ondon, A.A. Milne, ert LouisStevenson, Twain, L. Frank Baum, d many others! derful Time for wo...or Three! (Were you at school or was this just moon out tonight?) All your friends u will get to see them tomorrow!) ight. (Nothing good on anyway.) k. (Was it good?) You've washed Your teeth are brushed. (You didn't or bed. (Did you remember to get ttime, just before sleep time, is the story ... or two ... or three! our own reading now -- or mom or are about to discover a world of sense through the pages of the he lights in your room -- except the hat's where you'll find this book of