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A quick but thorough overview of the questions and issues involved in making the decision to self-publish your book. A "must view" presentation from a veteran publisher before spending money or hitting the print button.

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Micro Publishing

  1. a look at the world of micro-publishing bymarkgilroy
  2. today’s publishing universe is filled with question marks that provide opportunities for those with the entrepreneurial spirit
  3. emerging technologies and systems have given unprecedented power (and responsibility) to the author
  4. if you truly have a book you believe in and will work hard to promote and sell, you have the opportunity to swap royalties for profits through micropublishing
  5. at minimum you can create a great looking, high quality signature expression without breaking the bank
  6. getting published with a traditional book publisher has become too cumbersome for many authors
  7. there are many advantages to publishing with a traditional publisher but the time and effort spent securing the services of an agent, having the title acquired by a publisher, and then waiting for it to finally reach market aren’t worth the hassle for many authors
  8. a successful publishing deal is contingent on a number of puzzle pieces the right agent a unique and compelling concept quality writing author marketing ‘platform’ author sales history comparative title performance publisher’s current needs
  9. 9 all it takes is one missing piece to scuttle or indefinitely postpone your great work
  10. only you can decide when it’s time to stop waiting for a publishing deal and hit the print button
  11. well executed micropublishing will not preclude you from selling your work to a publisher in the future and may, in fact, improve your chances to do so
  12. before you hit the print button you need to make sure you have all the elements for a quality publishing project 
  13. Yourchecklist  13  substantive review and edit (content is great)  copyedit (content reads great)  cover design (appropriate for genre)  jacket, catalog, and sales sheet blurbs (marketing pitch)  competitive pricing on long run, short run, and POD (printing)  e-book reader conversion and placement  sales and fulfillment to brick and mortar stores  sales and fulfillment through online sellers  viral marketing strategies and execution (look in the mirror for a volunteer to work social media and more)  Author owned operated web/blog/site and social media
  14. 3 options turnkey – everything is done for you for a “package” cost (i.e. West Bow) push button – upload and click (i.e. CreateSpace) ala carte – become a small publisher and pick and choose the services you need from a variety of sources (i.e. Lightning Source)
  15. take time to thoroughly understand the services and costs to find the right model for you before you start burning dollars
  16. usualsuspects lightningsource  ingramspark  createspace  outskirts  westbow  xlibris  authorhouse  iUniverse  Lulu  bookbaby  kindledirect  bookpros  nookpress and many others!
  17. all it takes to get started is a single click
  18. yourbook coming soon
  19. 19 connect with markgilroy www.markgilroy.com @markgilroy www.facebook.com/markgilroy www.facebook.com/MKGilroy.Author www.pinterest.com/markgilroy/