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Arthur conan doyle2


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Published in: Education
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Arthur conan doyle2

  1. 1. A Victorian Author
  2. 2. What Was His ChildhoodLike??? Was born on May 22 Edinburgh, Scotland He was fond of his mother Went to Jesuit boarding school in England for 7 years
  3. 3. Life As A Young Man  Sought out life as a doctor at Edinburgh  Met James Barrie and Robert Louis Stevenson  Wrote short stories, Sasassa Valley, chamber’s journal, American Tale, London Society
  4. 4. Life As A Young Man part 2 Offered job as surgeon on ship Arctic Circle Book Captain of the Pole Star Returned to studies in 1880, received diploma year later
  5. 5. Life As An AuthorStarted practice in Portsmouth,married Louisa Hawkins in 1885 1886 started novel titled Tangled Skein 2 years later Beeton’s Christmas Annual under A Study in Scarlet Created a dichotomy in his life
  6. 6. List of His Novels Beyond the City Sign of the Four, The Desert Drama: Being The Tragedy Of The "Korosko", A Sir Nigel Doings Of Raffles Haw, The Duet, A Study In Scarlet, A Firm of Girdlestone, The Uncle Bernac: A Memory of Great Shadow, The the Empire Hound of the Baskervilles, The Valley of Fear, The Lost World, The Micah Clarke White Company, The Mystery of Cloomber, The Poison Belt, The Refugees: A Tale Of Two Continents, The
  7. 7. Movie  Case of the Cunningham Heritage
  8. 8. Interesting Facts Advocated steel helmets for soldiers Introduced skiing to Switzerland Drunk dad
  9. 9. His Legacy Lives On! Hundreds versions of Sherlock Holmes made into movies and plays